Lessons from the nursery!

I was going through some of my older devotions and was so encouraged by this one. Abby is almost 3 now and I have to LAUGH at how much she is STILL like that newborn baby...wanting to do everything on her own....making things happen HERSELF. I love her independent spirit! But, I am sure we will BOTH learn many lessons as she grows!!!!!

I pray you will be blessed...and don't forget to come back TOMORROW!!!!

God is so good! I love that He teaches us so much spiritual Truth in our everyday lives! I have laughed so many times as I see myself in Abby, our newborn baby. It is amazing how much I am like her and how much my human nature "kicks in".

One of the first lessons God taught me through Abby is that if I would "get out of His way", things would be so much easier! Let me explain. When nursing Abby, she sometimes "helps" by flailing her arms all around and it almost seems like she is trying to pull me to her. I have to stop and move her arms and hold them so that I can continue to feed her. I tell her, "Thank you, Abby, but Mommy does not need your help! You would get your milk faster if you would let Mommy do it and move your arms out of the way!" And sometimes (this is soooo cute), she turns her head in all directions, mouth open wide, looking for me. If she would just be STILL, I could latch her on to me, and she would be eating right away.

One late night, God spoke into my heart that it is the same with me- if I would get out of His way, God could work much easier! If I weren't so busy trying to make things happen in MY own strength, and depend upon Him, life would be easier. Sometimes I think I have all the "right" answers and barrel ahead, doing it "my" way, forgetting that God's ways are the best. He has the answers to all of my questions, the solutions to all of my problems, the right direction, the best way. And, if I would stop turning my head in all directions, and be STILL, God draws me to Him! "Be still and know that I am God!"

Thinking about all of this, I realize I want to surrender and submit to my Daddy, my Abba Father. I want to rest in His arms, knowing that He is in control, that His ways are perfect. I want to get "out of the way" and allow Him to work in my life- to bring to completion the good work He has begun in me! Lord, I lift this up to You. Thank You for these little life lessons. I love that You teach me so much about our Father/child relationship through my children. Lord, I pray I always have eyes to see and ears to hear what You want me to learn!

Another lesson I thought about today happened again while nursing Abby. When I finish nursing Abby on one side, I burp her and then finish nursing her on the other side. Sometimes she gets very impatient and cries (very loudly) while I am trying to burp her. She THINKS she knows what it is best- more milk, now, now, now, now!!!!! But, Mommy knows she needs to burp so that she is more comfortable and doesn't spit up. Then, she would get her wonderful milk that fulfills her and sustains her and nourishes her. Oh!!!!!

This hits home! How many times do I think I know what is best for me while God is doing something else (burping me!). He knows there is something else I need. But, I want what I WANT AND I WANT IT NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!! If I would just allow God to do the work He needs to do first, I would get the wonderful nourishment I need. But, so often I want INSTANT GRATIFICATION! Father, I want to wait upon You. I know YOU are doing a good work in me and that You work all things together for my good. Help me to be patient as You are doing Your good work. Help me not to scream and cry, but to cooperate with You, trusting in You completely. Praise You, God! Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

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