Conference Winners!


I am so excited to announce the conference winners for A Woman Inspired conference! And, thanks so much for everyone who posted, commented on who you would like to be in 2010. I am praying for all of us as we continue to seek Him in this New Year!

And taa daa.....

Trudy from Journey to becoming

Elizabeth from Our Blessed Family

Jenn (Jenn, please shoot me an email so that I can give you the info. Thanks!)

Carrie Cooper

I know God will be doing amazing things in us and through us this year!


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Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Tracy--I'm so excited about participating in the conference! What a wonderful surprise and blessing! Thank you for your kindness and sweet spirit--it truly spills over to your audience.

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Tracy--I'm SO EXCITED and SURPRISED to have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming conference. Thank you for a wonderful way to begin the week!

Trudy said...

Yay!! I'm excited to be able to attend the conference! Being a newlywed (and about to move out of the house in 2 weeks!) these sessions will help me greatly in becoming the woman & wife God wants me to be. Thank You!

christschild said...

Thank you so much!!! I am so greatful for the chance to listen in on this conference and doing it while in my pj's is even better:) Thank you also for the kind things you said on my blog:) I am so happy to meet new people...also people who show Christ in them. Have a blessed week.