Join me to get INSPIRED!

Are you ready to get INSPIRED?????
Do you want to make this year THE best year ever???
Would you love to "tap into" your creative side, while becoming more efficient????
I am THRILLED and excited to be part of the new conference from
A Woman Inspired-Nurturing Creativity/Efficient Life
Read what is posted on the website:
"If only life was simpler: dinner ready on time.; freshly laundered clothes in everyone closet; every item has a place; money saving was easy and effective; time management was second nature to us. Hmmm… if only, right?

Well, we can ‘t change your home overnight but we can provide you with the tools to begin the process and motivate you to get started. We’ll have sessions on organization, money saving and management, easy meals, effective scheduling, overcome procrastination and more! This is one conference you can’t afford to miss!

In addition to that we hope to inspire your creative genius!

Have you been in touch with your inner creative diva? Do you want to learn to express yourself through paint mediums, culinary masterpieces, vibrant rooms or maybe through your own life as the canvas? Well, you can get inspired here.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut or just don’t know where to begin we can help. I’m confident that many of you have a pile of unfinished projects or maybe put off doing things simply because you feel you don’t have the time. We have all been there and can definitely relate. We would like you help get some momentum going so that you can begin to create and design no matter what your canvas preference is.

Learn how to:
develop your God given talents and gifts
push past creative blocks
further your education in the area of your choice (at no cost)
be more productive
be more focused
let your light shine!"

I am so excited to share with you that I will be one of the featured speakers!
I pray that my message, Don't Waste Your Life! will inspire you!
Here's a blurb:
Have you ever wondered what God wants to do in your life? So many women today have fallen into the BUSYNESS trap and have lost their true focus. Explore how to make time for a meaningful relationship with God through lifestyle choices, spiritual disciplines, and prayer.
You can check out all of the topics here. And, you can register here!
If you have never been to an online conference, they are AWESOME! You can participate in your PJs, sipping coffee. There is no travel expense, meal expense (unless of course, you treat yourself to Panera....) or babysitting worries. This is a conference you can participate in while in your own HOME!!!! And, if you are worried there won't be that wonderful camaraderie usually experienced at women's worries! There is a live chat so that you can ask questions, share insights, and join discussions. And, did I mention that it is so AFFORDABLE???
Please join us beginning January 25th for a week of inspiring messages that will get your new year off to an amazing start- creatively and efficiently!

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Debbie said...

I was excited when I saw that you would be one of the speakers. In this fast paced world of ours, your topic is so timely. It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and not make time for what's most important.

I'm sure you'll be great.