My “professional” bio for speaking engagements follows, and I would be honored and thrilled to speak at any of your events. But, I wanted you to get a peek into my “real life” and get a glimpse of who I am everyday.

The “Real” Me…….

This is the love of my life. Brian and I have been married twenty incredible years. We have grown up together, been through lots of “ups and downs,” but we’re still mushy enough to make our kids groan! Brian is an incredible encouragement to me, supporting not only my speaking ministry, but also my first ministry as wife and mother. He is incredibly patient, putting up with my occasion temper tantrums, my procrastination of laundry piles, and my stubborn streak. I love his sense of humor, his gentle spirit, and he makes an awesome pot of chili.

I am a mother to five amazing kids. They keep me busy and our house can get crazy and very loud, but, oh, so wonderful. God has taught me so much through parenting my children. It can be challenging at times, but I have learned that I need to daily surrender them to the Lord and pray for them continually. I am so thankful and honored that God has entrusted me to nurture and mother these precious blessings.

This is our wild, crazy, and energetic dog. Although he doesn’t have any manners, he is such a sweetie and we love him to pieces. God has taught me many lessons through this member of our family, too!My hope is that when people think of me, they say, “She loves her Lord with every fiber of her being.” I want to be remembered as a woman who loves the Word and encourages others by her passion for Jesus Christ. My heart’s desire is that I am a light shining for Him. I desire to live an ordinary life with my extraordinary God.

Speaking is my passion and I am so blessed every time God calls me to share my life and my love of Him to a group of women. I am thankful and honored for every opportunity God brings to me. Thus, here is my professional bio……….

Tracy is a wife and mother of five children, serving in small group ministry and children’s ministry in Cedar Rapids, IA. She is a graduate of Proverbs 31 Ministries’ “She Speaks” Speakers’ and Writers’ conferences, has spoken at women’s conferences, retreats, workshops, Bible studies, and MOPS meetings, and ministers to many women through an on-line devotional.

Tracy’s lively and enthusiastic presentations are excellent for ministering to women at conferences, retreats, and banquets. Each topic is approximately 50-60 minutes in length and several may be woven together for a conference or weekend retreat. For information on booking Tracy for your next speaking engagement, contact

~Inspirational~ Motivating~ Challenging~

Tracy’s passion for the Lord is contagious! Her heart’s cry is to lead women to a more intimate relationship with the Lord through prayer, reading His Word, and walking as free women in His glorious Light.

Through honest, warm, and Biblical teaching, Tracy encourages and inspires women to pursue an authentic, passionate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Her desire is that women are not satisfied with a life of mediocrity, becoming comfortable in the “world,” but that they live abundant, transformed, joy-filled lives. Tracy shares her personal story of childhood tragedy and adult failures, motivating audiences to seek the face of Jesus and walk empowered by His grace and forgiveness.

Tracy is passionate about God’s Word, and believes when women apply these Truths to their own lives, the Word becomes life-changing. She believes God has answers to all of life’s questions in His Word, and openly shares insights and applications of Scripture in her own life through examples that have audiences laughing and crying.

As a prayer warrior and firm believer in the power of prayer, Tracy gives many practical ideas to help women make prayer an important part of their daily routine, including the benefits of praying scripture into their lives.

What Others Are Saying About Tracy:

"Tracy illustrates so well how God can be seen in the little every day moments of our lives. Her compelling testimonials give a personal encouragement to women in any stage of their spiritual journey."- Kay Burns

"When Tracy speaks, my heart truly listens. Her messages have inspired me to be still and listen to God. She has challenged me to seek God's will, not my own!"-Laurie Sloterdyk

“Tracy truly loves the Lord. The messages she shares are Bible based, laced with personal reflection and humor. She inspires others to grow in their relationship with God and make changes of their own”.-Carrie Munsch

“Tracy’s insight and spiritual wisdom has been a great source of strength, peace and guidance in my life. She speaks from a heart that has such a passion and love for the LORD, and she wants to share the message to anyone she meets.”Kathy Moser

“I’ve had the honor of hearing Tracy share from her heart and speak to women with passion and purpose. She has no pretense but rather speaks with humility, grace and authenticity. When Tracy spoke recently at a women’s retreat, it was as if she were speaking directly at me. The attentiveness and tears of the other women revealed that they, too, were being touched by her words. It was evident that God was blessing the women through Tracy.”- Le Ann Harbaugh

“Tracy is one of those dynamic leaders that every church longs to have. I would highly recommend Tracy Berta to you for any speaking or leadership engagement. She will bring a combination of love and nurture with heartfelt spiritual growth challenges.”- Reverend Perry Fruhling