Get Inspired!

Do you long to be more creative?

Do want to be a more efficient wife....mother....friend....daughter....teacher....leader?

Have you decided that 2010 is going to be "your year"?

Your year to walk as the woman God created you to be?

Your year to BE the woman you desire to be?

Join me at the awesome conference from A Woman Inspired-
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Take a few moments to think about the woman you would like to be. What's your vision....for yourself? What are goals....or changes you would like to make? What are your dreams? How do you see yourself?
Write a comment sharing your thoughts with us or write a blog post and link it here about it. I will randomly choose 5 entries to receive a ticket. I can't wait to read your visions of who you want to be! Please be sure to either leave your email address or blog address so that I can let you know if you won. I will announce the winner on Monday, Jan. 11th.
Here's mine:
We all know how to make "To Do" lists. I want to begin making "To BE" lists......
What do I want to "BE"?
#1- I want to BE a mighty woman of God! I want to walk with You, Lord. I want to be full of You, Lord. I want to be full of Your Spirit. I want to live out the what I SEE in the Word....full of the fruit of the Spirit...shining His Light.
#2- I want to be a wonderful wife to my husband, truly being his help-meet...his biggest cheerleader, his encourager.
#3- I want to be a wonderful mother, full of grace, patience, forgiveness, love, and kindness. I want my words to bring life to my kids. I want to model a love relationship with Jesus to them. I want them to see in ME a strong faith and trust and "walking the walk" of what I talk.
#4- I want to make an impact on those around me. I want to be an encourager, a mentor, teacher, an inspiration to other women.
#5- I want to be a good friend, loving those God has placed in my life.

4 thoughts shared....:

Trudy said...

Oh, I'd love to attend the conference! My vision for this year is to be the best ME possible. I am a teacher, wife, daughter and friend and would like to use my creativity (I'm a big fan of baking, scrapbooking, photography...) to encourage the people in my life to live and love God more passionately!

christschild said...

Hello...I'm Elizabeth. I won't be able to get away for a conference because I'm in school. But I still wanted to share with you who I want to be.
I want to be so close to God. I do struggle with setting aside the time I need to...too spend time with our Father. I have been doing a little better with that. I usually try to spend alone time with Him after I drop my 2 boys off at school...before I go to school.
My husband and I want to do our bible study together too. It's very important to us that we spend time with God together...we want to be the spouse's God wants us to be also.
We want to be the parents He's called us to be. We are so blessed to have the 2 boys He's given us and we want them to know that their relationship with God is the most important.
Overall...our goal is become closer to God and each other.
I hope you have a blessed evening.
In Christ,

Jenn said...

I would love to attend this conference. Every year, I ask the Lord for a word for myself for the year. It can be a way He wants me to live or something I need to work on; anything really. This year I prayed and the word the Lord gave me was discipline. I am a busy woman, I have my hands in a lot of pies so to speak (school, three jobs, married, etc.). Often I feel like I am not giving as much time to the areas that God has gifted me in as I would like to.

This year the Lord is speaking to me about that area of my life specifically and calling me to lead a more disciplined and efficient lifestyle so that I am spending quality time on the things that He has put in my heart and to continue to grow into the woman God has planned for me to be.

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

I stumbled across your blog. I love the passion you have for the Lord; it really comes across in your writing. You have a lovely blog, full of insight and wisdom!