Four Days....

OK, so it has been a LONG time since I have written any NEW posts.  I occasionally get on to tinker and repost some old things, but  since beginning homeschooling, I just haven't had the time to write like I used to. With Andrew leaving in four days for Australia, I am needing to just exhale and put "pen" to paper about how I am feeling. So here I am.

When I think about him going, it is I am watching from the outside.  Just how far is Australia from Iowa exactly? 8,990 miles.

Is he prepared?  Will he be ready?  Will he find his way through LAX OK?

I have been looking forward to him going, excited, thrilled for him and what God is going to do in him and through why am I having a hard time breathing right now?  Why is there such a lump in my stomach moving all the way up through my throat and stinging my eyes?

Lord, I trust You and what You are going to do in Andrew's life.  I know You have good plans for him.  I know he is under Your protection.

But, the reality is beginning to sink in.

Of not being able to talk to Andrew any time I want.

Of real possibilities of real danger.

Of him being gone. For 6 months. Gone. 8,990 miles gone.

Lord, I know you will be teaching all of us many life lessons through this experience.  And, you are showing me what it really means to truly follow You.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.