Please join me at Laced with Grace today.....talking about JUNK FOOD!

Reaping and Sowing....

Please join me At the Well today....reflecting on REAPING and SOWING.....

Busy Summer

I have been pretty quiet on my blog this summer......Probably because LIFE has not been! This has been one of the busiest (self-inflicted!) summers in a while filled with baseball games, camping, water parks, amusement parks, movies, swimming, cook-outs, fireworks,and picnics in the park. Here are just a few pics of various adventures.....

The Iowa Cubs Game.....

Visiting the capital in Des Moines

Civil War Reenactments

Bat Day at the Kernels' baseball game....can you tell it was a rain delay???

Checking the map at Adventureland amusement park....

hanging out

Balloon Glow

Lord, thank You for my adventurous family. Thank You for the blessings that surround me.

This is war.....again!

Please join me at Laced with Grace as I share about the war I am engaged in (again!) this summer!!!

America's Past-time!

We went to a baseball game on the 4th of July....and the kids have been "playing" major league baseball in the family room...complete with a dugout in the kitchen. Gotta love baseball!