It's the "little" things!

I am getting ready to speak at a women's retreat in a couple of weeks. It has been my experience that the closer the time comes for a speaking engagement, the more things go wrong! You know- the kids get colds, Brian is swamped at work, there is project needing done at school, rescheduling dr. appts. that I made 4 months ago (What was I thinking? Like I would have lots of free time the week before a retreat????), and then this morning- the dishwasher went on the "blink." Literally- the "clean" light was blinking, which, when you consult the owner's manual, means "dishwasher has malfunctioned." Now, as this in and of itself means that Satan has NOTHING NEW under his sleeve- no new bag of tricks! Because, last Oct. when I was preparing for a woman's retreat, the exact same thing happened! So, I knew what to do! I would simply call the service phone number on the manual, they would give me a series of buttons to push on the dishwasher, and it would restart. Well............this time, when I called, the operator could no longer help me because the dishwasher was two years old. We hadn't bought the service warranty, so she couldn't connect me to a service representative. That was last night. So, I figured, I would call back this morning, get someone who would be nicer and that person would help me. Wrong-o. Same story. I was so frustrated! And, of course, I explained to the operator that my dishwasher didn't need service- I just needed to know the order to push the buttons on my dishwasher to reset it! I had done it before- it was easy! Again, the operator told me that since I hadn't purchased the extended warranty, I could not be connected to the service dept. that could help me. (Boy, are there so many spiritual lessons right there! But, for sake of time, I will stay on track!)

Well, I tried to remember which buttons I pushed and in what sequence from the last time. It didn't work. I prayed and prayed (and I had prayed before the 2ND conversation for mercy!). I was mad! I was frustrated! I did not have time to unload all of dishes and start washing dishes by hand. (What did our mothers and grandmothers do without modern conveniences?!). So, I called my dear prayer partner and began to "vent." And pray. And, within a few minutes my attitude began to change.

I know a sweet woman battling cancer right now. She has 1 year old triplets. What flew into my mind was "this is such a little thing- just a minor inconvenience." And, it was. But, so many times that is what Satan uses to trap us. It is the little "dailies" as my friend puts it. The little inconveniences of life that grind us down, little by little. I knew what the enemy was trying to do. He wanted to distract me from my priorities- preparing for the retreat and praying for the women. He wanted to steal my joy and excitement. And, if he could plant seeds of bitterness over a little offense, he could distract me as he kept my focus on me while I had a little pity party. Praise God that He that is in me is GREATER than he that is in the world!

Like I said, as I prayed, my attitude began to change. I prayed that the dishwasher wasn't such a big deal, and if I needed to have someone come and fix it, that was OK. I knew I was in God's hand. He is taking care of me. I don't have to worry about the little inconveniences of life. I purposed in my heart to NOT let him steal my joy, to get me down. We prayed together for God's mercy and help (her husband got online to see if he could find out how to reset the dishwasher). But, I felt completely at peace, resting in Him. No little "daily" or circumstance was going to steal my hope or joy! My God is big! He is watching over me and taking caring of me and loving me! Whew! What an attitude change! I wasn't mad or frustrated anymore.

And, God is so good! Her husband found the information online in about 3 minutes, told me over the phone the sequence of the buttons to push- heated dry, normal wash, heated dry, normal wash, and my dishwasher is fixed!

Dear friends, my prayer is that you purpose in your heart to refuse to let the "dailies" of life get you down- the daily grind, the daily inconveniences of life. Don't be offended when things don't always go your way. And, most of all, take it ALL to God! Little things, big things- everything!

"Do not be anxious about anything. But, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to the Lord. Then the peace that passes all understanding will keep and guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7.

Father, we praise You! You are glorious! You are awesome! Thank You that we can come boldly to Your throne asking anything in the Name of Jesus. Thank You that You hear our petitions! I pray Lord if there is a woman reading this who has felt buried by the daily grind, the little things of life, she will renew her mind in You. Fill her with such hope and comfort and peace. Return to her the JOY of Your salvation! Fill her to overflowing with JOY- no matter what her circumstance! In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen!

Blessings, dear ones!