Wordless Wednesday

Happy 5th Birthday, Aaron!

Although Aaron's birthday is Wednesday, with our busy schedule on Wednesday nights, we kept up our birthday tradition of celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese on Tueday night.

Aly had lots of fun!

Ashley "monkeying" around!

Abigail had fun!

Andrew with his "official" Chuck E. Cheese "I.D."
I don't want to go home!!!!!!

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Shari said...

Do you have 5 kids? I do too. They are between 6 and 14. Glad that your family had fun at Chuck E. Cheese. It's a wild place. Our last experience there was really bad. About 7 years ago, my son was running around the restaurant, fell, and got his leg caught under one of the rides. He twisted himself and pulled up, which gave his leg a spiral break. He had to wear a full leg cast. None of us have the heart to want to go back there after his awful experience. It was just one of those accidents.

Alyssa (crazybusy) said...

Aw, sweet. Looks like a fun time! Love his "not wanting to go home" face. Hee-hee!
Love, Alyssa

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I am not joking - you ahve a gorgeous fmaily!!! love, Leigh

Anonymous said...

i love his expression! I hope he had a great birthday!!! My kids are wanting to go to chucky cheese too! oh some day! lol