Miracle Monday

I can do all things through Christ!!!!!!

Now, I usually am very careful when I claim this verse because in our generation, it can be an "excuse" to pile on more and more and more and more.....And I have to admit, I have been the "chiefest of sinners" in this area.

"Should do this."

"We really need to do this."

"Everyone is doing that (who IS everyone anyway???)

I have often put unnecessary pressure on myself to volunteer, participate, be involved in ALL things available. I have felt guilt when I have said "no" or when we "skipped out of things."

But, praise God, He has taught me to slow down, how to say "no," and how much is too much. I have learned to let the peace of God rule my decisions. If, as a believer, I am to experience the "peace that passes all understanding" in "all circumstances" (as Paul did), but am feeling "stressed out," then something is wrong. I am either depending on SELF to do the things He is calling me to do, or I am doing things that are out of His will. Ladies, for me, this revelation in and of itself is a MIRACLE! I was the mom who stayed up to 3 AM baking sugar cookies for a preschool class, decorated with each child's name in icing calligraphy!!!!! Crazy! One of my first revelations was that soccer was NOT mandatory, and if Andrew didn't like it, we didn't HAVE to do it!!! God has delivered me from this worldly mindset and it is a miracle! I have had to say "no" to kids at times, volunteer coordinators, and friends. There is a temptation to feel guilty, but when I am filled with the Holy Spirit and depending on Him to lead me, I have been released of that!

Now, after saying all that, I have to say what my miracle was last week! With 5 kids, there will be times when life is busy. And for some families, our lives may seem crazy. That is why I have had to learn to depend on God to show me WHAT and HOW. We had so much going on, but by His grace, I was able to "do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I was able to do the things He was calling me to do, completely at peace, NOT STRESSED out, without any occurrence of Monster Mom. I didn't yell at my kids. I didn't "lose it." Thank you, Lord, because that is a miracle for me! Our week started out calmly with soccer practices Mon. and Tues.

On Wednesdays, we host an after school club with 6 girls (2 of my own) called "God's Girls." It is so fun! We read a bible story about a woman from the bible, learn a verse, journal, and make a craft. This is Aly with her prayer journal basket we made.

On Thursday, we had a birthday party for Aaron, who turned 5. I used to have a children's birthday party business, so I had all of the pirate party supplies. What LOOKS like a lot of work, really wasn't! And, Iris, I did NOT make that cute cake! I was tempted (but knew it would have been too much to do- thank you, God!), but purchased it from Target!

On Friday, Aaron' preschool class took a field trip to the garden center. I helped drive to the field trip and had a great time! We came home and took a nap!

Friday night brought the "Fun Fair", the kids' school carnival. We had a blast!

Saturday, Aaron had a bowling party to go to.....

And later the same day, we had a family roller skating party to attend. By this time, Aaron had had enough and had a major meltdown at the roller rink. Again, by God's grace, and knowing that this little guy had done one too many activities, we "let him be." The "old me" might have been embarrassed and made him put on his skates, but not the "new me"! The old has gone and the new has come, praise God! We gave him some space and he had fun pretending to play pinball. Afterwards, we came home and snuggled and watched a movie. Everyone but Dad and Ashley fell asleep in the middle of it!
Thank you, God, for a wonderful week last and many family memories. Thank you for the miracle of making us new creations. Thank you that transform us. Thank you that your peace rules us, and when we are feeling "unrest" or lack of peace, we know that something is wrong. I thank you for the Holy Spirit and that "your sheep hear your voice." Thank you that when we turn to you, you help us every step of the way. Lord, your way is truly miraculous! Praise you, God! Praise you!
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Denise said...

Such precious miracles, thanks for sharing. You really bless my heart sweetie.

marina said...

what a beauitful family you have,

Beth said...

Philippeans 4:13 is one of my favorite verses.

I've never quite looked at it this way though - that God will give us peace and strength through our "regular" days and help us not to become overwhelmed and impatient.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful week. Thanks for participating in Miracle Monday and thanks for showing me a new way to look at an appreciate my favorite verse!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

you are a miracle friend - thank you!!love, Leigh

Tänia said...

I know that I forget sometimes how much God wants to bless us through the regular routines of life. Thank you for reminding and sharing!

Tänia www.weirblessed.com/faithprints

marina said...

you are just as beauitful and full of talent to have talent like yours is truly a gift form " God look down on you and Shine his light with favor on you " I am just one person in blogland but you touch many with your talent. blessing my friend in Christ,marina

eph2810 said...

You are absolutely right, Tracy. I too have felt guild when I said 'no' to volunteer at church - until I had a melt-down...I was dry like the desert...I had to step away. There were many others at church who could do the same thing, and maybe even better than me.
God has taught to say no without guilt (although sometimes the guilt still creeps up :))
How cool that you still had a great week even with all the activities.
Blessings on your day and always.

Sarah Martin said...

I hope you don't mind that I jumped on your blog after reading about you on Leigh's blog. THis post was full of encouragement and things to remember in the future as I am an expectant mom in June. I will file these thoughts away for the near future! Congrats on joining STMM!!

sarah martin

Dana said...

that was really beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Angie said...

Honestly, it is a miracle to get through a week like that with 5 children and do it with grace and dignity and little to no stress. That is the truest testament to our Lord - when we invite Him, He frees us in the storm because He is such a part of our everyday life.


Dana said...

Thanks so much!! I'm actually in a Blog Design contest - but if I don't win then I will absolutely check it out..
If you could please stop by my blog and click on the link I have posted to vote for me under "Help Me Win".. PLEASE...

Thanks so much...

Dana said...

Thank you I appreciate it!!

Damama T said...

Congratulations on learning one of the most important lessons you will ever teach your children. They will be spared a lot of anxiety by seeing the examples you have set. By seeing both the stuff that awakens Monster Mom and the contrasting New You, they have a tangible vision of the right way to live. Good job mom! It is truly miraculous!

Julie said...

I was the busy woman for WAY too long. Praise God He has been setting me free!

I too am a mother of 5 children, though I think mine are a bit older.

I found you through the Internet Cafe where you commented on my devotional. Thank you for your sweet words.

Have a blessed night,