I need your prayer today!

Father God, AAAAHHHHHH, help me! I got up late!!! It is 7 AM and NOT 5 AM. I don't have time to get in the Word or spend as much time in prayer as I'd like. I have such a busy day. My parents are coming......for the weekend! I need to finish laundry and clean the house, prepare their room. Lord, it is POURING down rain- both outside and in my heart and mind... Please calm me down and calm the weather down. I pray for their safety on the road. I know it can be scary to drive in thunderstorm like it is. Father, I pray for a hedge of protection around them. Lord, I pray that Your angels would surround their car. Lord, please help me accomplish all that I need to today. I know they are not coming to see my house, but I want it to be nice.....wow, now it's hail.... Father, calm me, fill me with Your peace. I surrender it all to You today. I surrender ME~ my heart, my thoughts, my time. I surrender my chores. Lord, I give myself anew to You today. Yesterday a friend who was so down and frustrated asked me "how I did it." She said it seemed like nothing bothered me- that I was calm all the time. I told her that was definitely NOT true, but that I needed You every moment every day to be at peace. Lord, I choose to do that now. I am not going to stress out. I am not going to "lose it" and start ranting and raving. I am going to choose to trust You. Lord, You are glorious. You are good. You are awesome Creator. Lord, You are so amazing and so AWESOME and so sweet that when Joshua needed more daylight, You stopped the sun in the sky! Lord, You are Creator of time. I trust You with my time today. Whew, the rain is calming~ both outside and in my heart. I love You Lord. I love You. I love You. In Jesus' precious name I pray.

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lori said...

Hey there Tracy..Amy's other half:) just stopping in...wonderful post....going to Him in the DAILY storms of life....

I hope the rain has stopped and the SKIES are filled with rainbows! My kiddos remind me all the time..."Mom you can't have a rainbow without the rain!!!!"

praying for rainbows!