Miracle Monday

I was out walking in the gorgeous Sunday sunshine when God reminded me of this precious miracle from 15 years ago.

Brian and I were young and immature, both in life experience and our faith. Brian is and was a dedicated and hardworking employee. He had been working for five years at his company straight out of college. A colleague told Brian of a great company looking for "new recruits" in lower level management and that he was going to interview for a position. This person was much more experienced than Brian and had a good "shot" at getting a position. Brian thought this would be a good experience for him, but did not expect to get hired for this position- he was too young and too inexperienced to even be considered. The only thing was this company was located in the Chicago suburbs about 3 hours from our southern Illinois home. It meant starting over in a brand new location, but one that was much closer to all of our family.

Brian really had the attitude that he was going to interview "just for fun" and to gain experience in the interviewing process. But, both of us had this secret hope.....did we dare breathe it? This job would mean a promotion, better pay, more benefits, and a home closer to family. It would be a huge leap in Brian's career. So, we prayed. It was about a 3 hour car trip to the suburb where Brian would be interviewing and as we talked about our future, possibilities, and the fun of getting to take a little "vacation" for a day or two, we prayed to God over this job. I don't think either one of us could have quoted any bible verses except for the Lord's prayer and praying was definitely not a "normal" practice for us. But, in our childlike faith, we knew that God held the "answers" for our future and we turned to Him. We surrendered this possibility to Him. We prayed that if it was "meant to be", He work it all out His way. We were so excited!

Then, the most incredible thing happened. We saw a rainbow! Now, this was not any normal rainbow, but one that had people pulling off the side of the road to get a long look at it. Some people had cameras and were taking pictures. Oh, how I wish we would have had a camera! It was a rainbow that stretched from one side of the highway to the other. It was magnificent!

At that moment, we knew God was giving us a sign! We felt incredible peace about this opportunity and we knew it was in His hands. Brian interviewed for the job and got it- despite his inexperience and his "lack" of qualifications- he got the job! We knew that rainbow was God's way of blessing this new beginning. It was a MIRACLE that Brian got this job!

But, the biggest part of the miracle and the part that not everyone knows, is that God saved me through this miracle. I know He picked me up and literally moved me out of the lifestyle I had been living. I was trapped in a double life, a secret life of sin. I continued to go deeper and deeper into it and I believe it was His Hand that intervened and scooped me out. I don't know where I would be today if we had stayed there. God had different plans for me. He had plans for hope and a future, plans to prosper me and not to harm me. Even though I was not walking with Him, He knew the end from the beginning. He knew that He set me apart for great things. He knew that I was chosen. I am so thankful for His protection and deliverance.

Oh, Lord, how I thank you for your miracles! We don't always see a "rainbow" the way I did, but we can always take comfort that you are forever watching over us, leading us and guiding us. May we continue to surrender our lives to you. Thank you for the miracles you continue to shine down on us. Praise you, Lord. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

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Beth said...

What a wonderful miracle. Great things do happen when you turn it all over to Him.

I think it is a wonderful miracle that Brian got that job but even better that you turned your life around!

And how awesome that he gave you a physical sign of his presence in the rainbow!

Denise said...

Praise God for the love He clearly showed to you my friend. You are such a great example of Him, be blessed.

elizabeth embracing life said...

It always amazes me to hear stories like this. How God had greater plans than what we could imagine, for you and for your future. Makes you wanna smile everytime you see a rainbow. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jenny said...

That is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


Jenny said...

I think I already left a comment, but then it might not have made it as I don't see it!

Either way, great post and thanks for the encouragement!

Have a great night ~

Rhonda said...

What a great miracle! I love hearing stories of the blessing of God working in peoples lives. So awesome!