Please join with me in this Bible Study....

I am so excited to invite you to join me in a 5 week Bible study

In this age of extreme make-overs, we transform everything from our appearance to our homes. Let's explore a different kind of makeover- A MakeOver of the Heart! Come experience a complete heart transplant, allowing God to take out your old heart full of its selfish desires and replace it with a new heart ...

Delightful Heart

Healed Heart

Committed Heart

Prayerful Heart

Head over to the Internet Cafe to download the complete study on a PDF. You may choose to work at your own pace or come back here on Tuesdays and Thursdays in March to fellowship and learn from one another.

A Heart Transplant
Our make-over begins with a complete heart transplant. Allow God to take out your old heart full of its selfish desires and replace it with a new heart, delighting in Him. Take a glimpse into the hearts of Jabez and King David, and learn what it means to truly “delight yourself in the Lord.”

A Healed Heart
So many hearts today are crying out for love and are carrying wounds of the past that so desperately need to be healed. Allow God to reveal your hidden pain, to heal your broken heart, and replace sorrow with joy by trusting Him. Surrender to His amazing love, accept His forgiveness, and release those who have hurt you.

A Committed Heart
God wants our hearts to be fully devoted to Him. Learn how He has given us power, through the Holy Spirit, over sin, temptation, and the desires of the world to live as free women completely committed to Christ.

A Prayerful Heart

God wants a natural, living, breathing relationship with you and prayer is the way to that relationship. He also wants us to slow our lives down so that we can be still and listen! Learn practical ideas to incorporate prayer into your daily routine, including praying Scripture into your life.

Join me on Tuesday to learn together in this Word-filled journey towards a renewed and transformed heart for God. Again, feel free to download the PDF and work at your own pace!

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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Proverbs 27:19 said...

Hi Tracy!

I would like to study on Tuesday & Thursday, do I still need to download the PDF for that portion?


Jamaican Princess said...

I would love to join this bible study group! I downloaded the pdf file and I am studying it... see u Tuesday!

Denise said...

I will be here sweetie.

Sandi said...

Hi Tracy,

I was surprised to see this study (though I shouldn't have been, He is God watching over me!) as I've recently been contemplating on my own what is wrong with me ... and I hear the gentle answer that I haven't let go of deep issues from my past, I'm afraid to fully trust and love - anyone, and so my marriage/husband, and 6 & 4 yo daughters are suffering. We start marriage counseling this Friday, but I knew I needed more and asked God about what to do. I don't always check my Internet Cafe Devotion, but I am so thankful I did this evening. I've downloaded the pdf, and will check in here on T & Th (those are the nights I work at church though and so it will be late). I'll admit I'm afraid, I'm afraid of what I'll have to face, so I sure would appreciate any prayers. Thank you so much for doing this study as I really, really need a MakeOver of the Heart for my heart.

Very sincerely,
ps - I'm not a blogger & have no idea what the identity questions are below!! I don't wish to be anonymous (actually, that might be nice because I'm so afraid), so I just chose name. Sorry, thanks!


The Surrendered Scribe said...

This is exactly the message God has speaking to me. So excited for this!

Christa said...

Sounds exciting. I will do my best to join (I have to share a computer).

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...


I am so glad you are joining us! Sometimes blogging can be confusing!!! If you would like, just email me (see contact me) and we can chat via email!! :)