I love Spring!

Oh, YAY! I was able to get out and WALK this morning! I love to walk in the very early hours as my time with God....praying and singing and worshipping Him. This was only the third time I have been out....it's FINALLY beginning to warm up and seem like Spring. Oh, how I have missed this time! The birds are chirping (even in the dark!). The air is crisp and clean. It is so QUIET! This is when I experience the greatest connection to Him....in His presence.

And, I especially love this time in the Spring! There is a gentle wind blowing. The grass is beginning to turn green and a few trees are beginning to bud. Soon the daffodils will be peeking out their cheerful heads!

I especially love Spring because it is such a VISUAL example of death and resurrection (especially in the part of the country where I live!). The winter is DEAD. Around the middle of February it is beginning to feel so LONELY, so dreary. It is almost a time of MOURNING. Then, we begin to see signs of LIFE. The birds return. The grass greens. And, then, the miracle of new birth- the trees flower. The spring flowers bloom. All is beautiful. All is ALIVE once more!

I know it NOT an accident that Easter falls during Spring.

God wants to show us the HOPE we have in a RISEN Jesus Christ through the new life we see all around us. He is NOT DEAD! Hallelujah! He is ALIVE!

"You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. "(in the tomb) Mark 16:6

Lord, thank You for Spring! But, most of all, thank You for Jesus, who IS the Resurrection.

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Debbie said...

Spring is a beautiful time of year. I grew up on Long Island, New York and I remember longing for winter to be over. But now I live in Phoenix and so I never have a true winter season. It's still nice right now in the morning. I love to hear the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. Before too long, it will be HOT again so I enjoy this time of year too.

Amydeanne said...


Denise said...

Spring is so awesome.

Peggy said...

Oh Yes Tracy AMEN!!! Good message on NEW LIFE...leaving the grave clothes and dreary winter blues to a fresh sign of new life, beautiful and full of HOPE! How glorious!

Thank you for the visit to my last post before my 40 day blog fast & your sweet comment!

Thank you for the precious robin photo! Though I do not have the dramatic change here like back in MN, I too notice the little small
sparrows all feisty flying about
and it is so refreshing! JESUS is ALIVE and it's about time we allow HIS LIFE to change how we live ours, may we crucify our self ish ways to that cross & starting giving HOPE to others who are dying
without knowing JESUS & how to be free!

Thank You Lord for Your RESURRECTION power & Tracy with her fresh look and praise for SPRING!
May Tracy spring forth with a fresh anointing as she pours out Your Love through her heart to others like in the "Makeover of the Heart"

Hope to see you later at the Heart Bible Study & my IP service works
so I can comment because there have been times that I have doubted God's plan & ran ahead of His timing! I trust God more than ever but sometimes it's been difficult to see His hand until after the "storm" or wound has past...much later in most cases. Maybe I have to think about sharing because most are not examples I generally share publicly but on an individual basis when God's Spirit prompts me that by sharing this, I will help them.