I am "out of commission"!!!!!

Sorry, everyone, but I am without a computer!!!!!! My sweet friend, Melissa, is letting me use hers to get a few blog posts up. If you are coming over from the UBP, welcome! Sorry I can't be a better hostess! If you have been coming over for the bible study, I AM SO SORRY! I will get it up and running again just as SOON as I can! Please feel free to read from my blog archives. Also, I am unable to email.....so, am "cut off" for awhile. Maybe God is telling me something???

Thanks for stopping by...


4 thoughts shared....:

Denise said...

I love you, and miss you.

Angie said...

So sorry to hear of the computer issues!

Think of this as a "rest" time. Re-group---come back with fresh WORD!

YOU are an incredible blessing to MANY!

I'm hoppin' over to LWG!

Miss Charlene said...

Oh no! I lost my computer twice for quite an amount of time, BUT it turned out to be refreshing for me as I spent time with my kids, focused on cleaning, cooking and all that! May this negative experience become positive for you! :)

LisaShaw said...

I pray you're back online soon but in the mean time ENJOY THE TIME WITH THE LORD!!!

Bless you.