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Thank you, Loni for posting this information Wed. Please take a few minutes to check out Loni's precious story as well.

As an adopted child, I have a very passionate view on abortion. I am so thankful that my biological mother DID NOT choose abortion. I realize she had a choice. I am so glad she chose LIFE. I wrote a post on this, including an open letter to my biological mother and ALL mothers who choose adoption.

This information is from Loni's blog, Writing Canvas. Again, please visit her when you have a moment. Thanks, Loni for sharing all of this information!

From Writing Canvas:

Do you know about FOCA - the Freedom of Choice Act? I had heard “something” of it, but sometimes we get so bombarded with one law after the other, it’s easy to become numb and just let it pass, not giving it another thought. We need to give this great thought, and take some quick action.

Information below in red was quoted from here.
If FOCA passes, it will “sweep away hundreds of anti-abortion laws [and] policies.“ Here are just a few:
Christian doctors and nurses will be sued if they refuse to participate in abortions.
Religious hospitals will be forced to do abortions or shut down.
Babies will be aborted up until the day of birth.
States will have no say in any abortion law.
Military hospitals would now be required to provide abortion the same as any other health procedure.
Abortions would no longer have to be performed by licenses physicians.
All informed consent laws would be overturned; all parental notification laws would be nullified; all laws requiring a waiting period before abortion would be eliminated.

President Obama was quoted as saying,
“The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing that I’d do.“

So, what can WE do?
Be informed. Here are a list of websites:FOCA FACT, National Right to Life, Family Research Council, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Americans United for Life
Get bulletin inserts to share at church. Order extras to distribute to family, friends, your doctor, local hospital officials, etc.

Write about this with the links on your blog. Send out personal e-mails.
Write, call, or e-mail your congressman. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at: 202.224.3121. Contact info can be found at: and

Sisters, Brothers in Christ, it is time we begin making our voices heard...especially for those who have none.

Please feel free to link, take any information for your blog, use it for emails, letters, etc.

Don't be silent any longer.

But as I
stood there in silence, not even speaking of good things- the turmoil within me grew to the bursting point.
Psalm 39:2

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Laurie Ann said...

Tracy, thank you for sharing this information! It needs to be heard.

gail said...

wow .... again, wow ....

this is the 2nd time i've seen info on this and i can hardly believe its true. but i know that is what they want to do ....

my heart is so grieved at the thot of this passing. thank you for using your voice to pass along this info.

i pray that the many voices of American christians and other concerned citizens will be heard and that pres obama will have a change in heart ...

God bless you!

Denise said...


Beth in NC said...

Thank you for sharing! I was weeping this morning -- crying out for all of the babies slaughtered. The Mom's don't realize what they are doing until it is done.

I just had a thought about President Obama. He is sowing seeds of death. What is he going to reap?

God help us Tracy.

As a mother of a beautiful daughter, through adoption, am grateful that her birth mom chose life!!!