Miracle Monday

Last week I began a series of miracles in the life of my mom. I told how she was healed of childhood polio, and even when doctors had little hope of her walking again, God answered the prayers of a little girl. When they came to fit her for leg braces, she surprised nurses because they found her riding her bike!

Today I would like to continue by sharing another story from her childhood. When she was a young teenager, a furnace exploded in her face. Not only did she live, but she has no scarring!
Shirley was babysitting one cold evening in the winter. Back then you had to "bank the furnace" or put coal in the furnace. When she opened the furnace door, it exploded in her face. The flames lept out and her sweater caught fire. Mom put it out with hands. Her hands were burned badly. But, much worse, were the burns to her face.
Back then, doctors said never to put cold water on a burn, but warm. But, in the panic of the moment, she put cold water on it.

She was in the hospital for weeks. Her face was bandaged. She didn't know what she would look like when the bandages came off. The nurses came in to put ointment on face.
Mom prayed for no scarring. She hated being in hospital…she said it was lonely. But....she was able to spend her time talking to God....asking for His help.

When the bandages came off...there was no scarring. Today, she is the most beautiful woman I know.
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I Whisper to God said...


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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Another wonderful miracle in your mom's life! Praise the Lord!

Thanks for sharing this great miracle!

Laurie Ann said...

Awesome miracles here! God is so faithful, and so are you in reminding us that miracles still do happen!

Slowly Dying.. said...

This is a great illustration of focusing on prayer and receiving the blessing.


Denise said...

Praise God, that is so awesome.

I Whisper to God said...

Wow, that is an awesome miracle. I had a friend who had a gas oven explode in her face while she was baking a birthday cake for her mom. She was a girl of faith. Always inviting me to church with her. The only thing that happened to her was some burnt eye lashes and eye brows. She said it was God that saved her and I believe it.