Sshhhh.....I guess it is a secret....

Well, day 3 in the Obama presidency and he isn't wasting any time. He did something MAJOR last night, but did you hear about it on the news?


Is the story on my web opening news page?

Nope. Just a "week in review" of the "historic" pictures of the beauty of Obama.

So, are you wondering what he did?

He overturned an 8 year ban on US funded abortions. You can watch the video here. Of course, it was from "The Times of India." I guess the American news organizations didn't deem it as newsworthy. I only know about it because I received two emails late last night.

Hmmmm......Signing an executive order late Friday evening when the news won't be picked up by many news organizations.

Of course, when I googled the signing, most of the stories were about the bail-out, oops, I mean stimulus bill.

If I seem uncharacteristically sarcastic I guess I am.


GOD, help this country.

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Samantha said...

I was really disappointed to see that as his first official act of his presidency. With the state of our economy and other issues that seem to be more pressing, I had thought this would take a back burner. Our tax dollars will be funding INTERNATIONAL abortions, while mean while at home folks are losing their jobs and houses due to lack of money. Something doesn't quite seem right there, does it?

Stepping off my soap box...


Amydeanne said...

welcome to Canada!! lol.

Beth in NC said...

I am so outraged and disgusted. I have no words to explain my heart about this. I still can't believe Christians voted for him (not to offend), but now we must really PRAY HE WILL FEAR GOD. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. This man has no fear of God.

None of this surprises the Lord. I can hardly wait to see how God is going to flip this upside down on satan. The blood of the innocent is crying out and our God hears.

Denise said...

Yes, please help us God.

Lisa said...

It's only the first week and this tops his agenda? I thought he was concerned about the economy, but apparently ensuring that his ancestors in Kenya can get an abortion is more timely.

Not to mention his decision to close Gitmo. He says he's trying to protect humanity but what about when one of our relatives is killed because a Guatanamo terrorist was freed? Where's the humanity there?

I weep for the future Tracy. Thank goodness that we can count on God and Obama will never sit in The Lord's Chair.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Hold on! I think it is probably going to be a rough ride! So many are looking to him for their hope and future...that is where people go wrong. They look to man! I don't expect any more from non-believers...but Tracy--some very famous, well known "believers" (Don Miller etc.) promoted him. How in the world can they justify that? The church is slowly going the way of this world. God have mercy!