A Gathering of "older" Women....

Wow! Deb has really challenged us today at the well. She asks some "tough" questions and leads us to reflect how we are doing "living out" Titus 2. She says, "Like many of you, I believe that Titus 2 is not just words in a Holy Book...it's the way I completely believe that God wants me to live my life. I believe that it's the guidelines that God, Himself, set for us to live as Biblical wives...so to ignore it would be..well, sin."

How are you doing as an older woman?

Do you live in a way that is appropriate for someone serving the Lord?

How is your speech, your attitude?

Are you producing the fruits of the Spirit in your life?

God always knows how to teach me....He reveals areas of sin to me then drives home the point with a Joyce Meyer episode or a devotion on the radio or a great teaching on the fruit of the spirit, like Deb gave today at the well.

I am doing GREAT being an "older woman" to my small group bible study women, to women in the audience of speaking engagements, to online bloggers....

But, I feel like I am MESSING UP at home....where it matters most! .....the ones I want to teach and inspire and train the MOST......I don't want my children to think Christianity is hypocritical (I have a 12 year old who is very "in tune" with this!) and I want to "win over my husband without words but by my behavior." (1Peter 3:1-2). Although Brian is a Christian, I want to encourage him to "go deeper" in Christ (like me??!!!??).

I feel like this past weekend, I lost my temper, yelled at my kids, said things that were not ENCOURAGING! I reacted to THEIR behavior not in the gentle spirit I so long for, but my fleshly spirit that is quick tempered and a tongue that is even quicker. I did not walk in the Spirit, depending on Him, turning to Him, relying on Him. I was lacking patience, gentleness, and self-control. And, I KNOW these things! "I know better."

She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26

I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin. Proverbs 39:1

A wise man's heart guides his mouth and his lips promote instruction. Proverbs 16:23

Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, only words that
are useful in building others up according to their needs. Ephesians 4:29

Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

Thankfully, I am forgiven by God and my sweet family forgives me as well!

As I prayed about this last night, I realized that I had let my spiritual "tank" get empty...like a gas tank, I had run out of "spiritual gas." So, when my kids acted in normal "kid" ways, I didn't have patience to teach, train, and instruct. Instead, "MONSTER MOM" reared her ugly head, with a biting tongue and absolutely NO PATIENCE.

And, how could my "tank" be empty? I had gone to a special prayer service Sat. night and we had an AWESOME service Sunday morning. You would think I would be FULL!

But, I have neglected to spend enough time in the past few days ONE on ONE with God. I hadn't filled my heart with Him to overflowing. I was drawing on Tracy strength....

Doesn't work!

I need His strength to be the kind of mom/wife I want to be and He wants me to be. So, I know today I MUST fill up on Him before I can give to others!

I need to listen to Him and slow down.

I need to sit awhile at His feet.

Please take a few minutes and visit the Gathering at the Well! Deb shares such an awesome teaching with us there this morning. And, you will see links to other women sharing in the conversation. Please join in the conversation as well! Ponder Deb's questions, write a post and link up at the well. Have a blessed day....full of the Living Water of the Well!

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LisaShaw said...

This is simple and yet SO powerful Tracy and much to feed on. I appreciate your heart to share your personal walk as well. We've all been there...

This says it all right here:
"But, I have neglected to spend enough time in the past few days ONE on ONE with God. I hadn't filled my heart with Him to overflowing. I was drawing on Tracy strength....Doesn't work!"

Well you are so right. You call it drawing on Tracy strength and I call it a "dry spot". When I reach a dry spot then I know I've not been with GOD in the way that I needed to and my well has become dry. We can not give out of the well of our own souls to family, friends, ministry, etc. unless we are constantly partaking from the well of our LORD. He replinishes and restores. He fills to overflowing. His presence is amazing.

Thank you dear sister for sharing.

Raye Ann said...

Thanks for sharing so openly and allowing us to learn along with you. Everything is He may be glorified (John 9:1-5)


Deborah said...

Love your insight. I wonder sometimes what our children think when we are freaking out to get them to church and then we sit so "saintly" in the pews as if we didn't just take their heads off!

One thing I've learned about being an older woman is to just let things go. I don't freak out nearly as much as I used to and I laugh alot more.

I've been blogging about growing older and how to share with other women some things I've overcome, I look forward to today's gathering.

Joyfull said...

Excellent post for today's challenging questions. Thanks for sharing the issues we all deal with at home, but also the encouragement of God's grace.

Truly we need to be filled up to give out! Blessings to you today.

Laurie Ann said...

Tracy, I love how transparent and honest you are in admitting how you struggle. I admire that and I think we all can learn from it. I didn't have a great week last week and I know this week will be better. Devotions like this spur me on to really strive to do my best. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I believe the words we speak are extremely important and I also wanted to thank you for sharing the verses you did. And Joyce Meyer! My spiritual Momma. Oh, how I love her.

Karen said...

I basically said the same thing, I do great out in public but at home is where I continue to struggle. I'm right there with you sister.

God Bless
Karen @ Lil Momma's Haven

Beth in NC said...

Amen Tracy! I feel your pain girl. I do the same thing. I take it out on my little family.

I posted about this as well.

Bless you Sister!

Miss Charlene said...

We all go through times like these, the "monster mom" phase. It can be caused from stress, fatigue, frustration, etc. I feel like that sometimes and work hard at practicing patience and showing my kids that I delight in them. Sometimes I need to fill up my spiritual tank like you said, and pray for God to lift me up so I won't be such a 'drag' lol. You're not alone!!

Denise said...

Really great post.

Jennifer Sikora said...

Can I just say AMEN Girl!!

I totally getcha! What is the deal with us moms? I mean like Joyce says, We can be Sister So and So and have it all together and then WHAM!! the family takes the hit!

I fall short of this all the time.

Thanks for the encouraging reminder of what I need to do in my own family with Titus 2.

Be Blessed!

Amydeanne said...

my first thought is I'm not an old woman! LOL

seriously though.. I totally understand about the at home thing.. that's where my issue lies as well!