Those shoes!

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Look at all of those shoes!!!!!!! Hmmm.......used to make me mad, until God used them to teach me a lesson! Please visit me at Laced With Grace today to read how God taught me a valuable life lesson through these messy shoes. And, as always, I appreciate your comments!

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Please scroll down for Wordless Wednesday!!!!!!!!

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Amy said...

I went over and read your devotion on the messy shoes. That spoke to me so much. I always feel like I am being ran over or someones maid in my house, because I am constantly picking up after everyone. and complaing about it. This really put it in perspective for me. Thanks for putting yourself out there...... Tracy you have blessed me once again. Thanks for being the servant of Our Lord that you are.

Michelle V said...


I loved the post about the shoes. That one really hit home and I am purposely working on doing everything without grumbling! I also wanted to tell you that I loved your garbage day post as well! Both of them really hit home for me!!


lori said...

Alright...I went over and realized that I needed to SLOWLY read this one...I'm going back tonight...You see, we have what appears to be the same entryway...a bit larger sizes perhaps...ours are housed in the garage....and a neighbor often remarks..."it looks like a family of centipedes lives here..."

I can't is my reward tonight for walking and finishing up...I'll let you know!

I just know it'll be GOOOOOOOOD!!