Cedar Rapids Flooding- Miracles Abounding!

Thank You, Father! Lord, thank You for Your mercy, Your goodness. Lord, I thank You for all of the miracles that we are witnessing during this flooding and for all of the miracles I am sure we will see in the days to come. Lord, thank You for Your outstretched arm......

Even though this has been such a trying week, we are beginning to see such glimmers of hope. When we got up Sunday morning, "things" did not look very good. But, by lunch time we had lots of good news and we are beginning to see rays of hope.

Flood waters were not supposed to recede until later this week, but have gone done significantly today. This is SUCH a miracle! Thank You, God! This means that clean up can begin. For so many, the "fear" is the NOT knowing, so just the fact that we are beginning to KNOW, even if it is heartbreaking, is better than the unknown. Now, we can roll up our sleeves, help one another, and begin cleaning up.

Pictures by Steve Graville of the Gazette
Another miracle has been the incredible outpouring of love in volunteering and helping neighbors. 23,000 had to be evacuated, but the shelters had only about 500 people. Neighbors and families opened their homes and arms to people needing a place to stay. Many businesses also paid for hotels and temporary apartments.

Thousands of sandbagers turned out to sandbag the water well and Mercy Hospital. At times, there was such an outpouring of volunteers that some had to be turned away!
Our church had a call for volunteers during services. Baskets containing the volunteer forms were completely filled.
This flood was 5 on a scale with 6 being highest. Katrina was a 6. The death toll has been 3, and we're not even sure if those are flood related deaths. That is amazing! Thank You, God for Your protection! There have not been any reports of looting.
Please continue to pray! For more miracles to praise God for, please visit Beth at A Mom's Life!

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Leah said...

Our prayers are being answered and I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you for the updates.

Captured by His Grace,


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Thank you for sharing the miracles that are occurring during the aftermath of the floods.

I am continuing to pray for all of those effected.

Cheryl said...


Praise God! Fabulous news. I'm so glad to hear of this great news. God works in suh wonderful ways. He can turn grim situations around and show how wonderful His people can be.
Praying that all continues to move forward in this same manner.


eph2810 said...

Tracy - I am so glad to read the up-date. What a miracle indeed!!!! So good to hear that all are helping out - PTL!!!!

Melanie said...

Tracy, I am so happy to read that people are able to get in, access the damage, and begin rebuilding where and if necessary. We are praying here in Texas!

Denise said...

My prayers are with everyone affected by these floods sweetie.

Lauran said...

Aunt Tracy-
Glad to hear things are getting better! Keep us updated!
Love you!