Floods in Iowa- please pray for us!

You may have seen the terrible floods in the news yesterday and today. Here is picture from my community. The story can be read here.

Please be praying for these communities. We have been ravaged these past few weeks with dangerous weather- tornadoes, wind, flash flooding, and now a 500 year flood. You may wonder what a "500 year" flood is. The chances that the town will flood are 1/2 of 1%, or a chance of a flood is about once in 5oo years. Many of these communities are still reeling from the F5 tornado. An F5 is the worst possible tornado. Many towns and the downtown areas of cities near the Cedar River are being evacuated.

Please pray for God's mercy. The forecast is for more rain. I know with God, all things are possible and He is mightier than any weather forecaster. Please pray that the rains pass us by. Please pray for all of the hundreds of people who have lost homes all ready- praying for their comfort and a strengthening of their faith. Please pray for the safety of people and especially all of the volunteers desperately trying to help. Lord, help us come together as a Church, reminding the world that Jesus said we would have trouble in this world, but to take heart because Jesus has overcome the world. Help us, Lord, to be Jesus "with skin on" to all of the hurting people. Lord, help us to be united together, one body and one voice. Help us to be salt and light in these times of trial. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

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Maisie said...

I heard about the tornadoes in that area, but not the flooding. It looks really bad. I did pray for you guys who live over there that are going through this.

Valarie said...

Father God, I ask that you protect Tracy and this entire area during this time. Lord we know that You are in control and the waters are at your command so I ask that you stop them from doing any further damage. I ask that you strengthen Tracy and her family and surround them with your peace and comfort knowing that You are their strong tower, their rock, their fortress. Help them to show Your love even in the midst of this scary time. Protect them Father. I ask these things in Jesus' name.

Take care and be safe Tracy!

Angie said...

Tracy---I came over from Lori's---incredible. I am so sorry. We are in the middle of a drought. It has just started raining outside. Our pastor encouraged everyone to pray for those in the midst of these weather issues/tornados/floods etc. We are praying.---protection, safety and for you to be all that HE needs you to be to others during this.
Keep us posted.
Love--and hugs ---Angie

eph2810 said...

Tracy - praying for you and your community here in Arizona...



Nancie said...


I am praying together with you. May God continue to shower His mercies upon your family and the other people at Iowa and other parts of the world that are affected in various ways.

May God's presence and precious promises bring great comfort to you and all His beloved people. Take care!

Praying always,

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Thank you, my sisters for your concern and most of all for your PRAYERS. As I blog now, the thunder gets louder and we are bracing another round of storms. Please pray.