Ever run out of gas?

The girls and I had a wonderful time on Saturday. We went to a baby shower back "home" in Illinois. My nephew and his wife are expecting. I am going to be "Great Aunt". Now that is weird!

We enjoyed the "Girls Day Out", dressing up, visiting relatives, and even enjoying the 3 hour drive there and back. On the way home, we drove west into the sunset. It was breathtaking. We had fun taking turns choosing songs on the ipod to sing along to. We sang to Superchick, Hannah Montana, and even Bob Marley.

But, as we neared Cedar Rapids, the unthinkable happened (especially at 10 PM)- we ran out of gas! And, of course, God had spiritual lessons He wanted to teach me.

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Leah said...

Honey chile, what else can happen to you?? Bless her, Lord, just bless her.