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Do you like making the bed? Have you ever thought making the bed is like MARRIAGE? I wrote about it today at the Cafe.....

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~hon~ said...

Hi Tracy!

I saw this devotion yesterday but just read it now for some important reason. I am not yet married but this is so timely! I really need this today. I'll be sharing it with my beloved. Thank you for this wise counsel.

I couldn't comment on the Internet Cafe because of the comment form placement but I'm glad to comment personally to you. My desire.


iLoveYou, my darling co=heiress in CHRIST!

Linda said...

Hi Tracy,...the comment wouldn't work on the Internet Cafe, I came back here.

I loved the "Making the Bed" analogy. It is so true about how we should do things together and lighten each other's load.

My husband and I have made the bed together many times and for some reason I find it happens when I am over on his side and then he joins in on my side because he sees me making it, and he jumps in and helps me. I have gotten warm fuzzy feelings when he does that,...and I so appreciated that show of affection and love for me.

Great Post!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits