Thankful Thursday

Since it is late Wednesday night while I write my "Thankful Thursday," I have to say what comes to my mind first is being grateful for an awesome day today with my kids. Because it was a rainy day, we had lots of fun playing board games.

We had a Monopoly championship, then played my favorite, Life.

Lord, thank You for a time of rest and relaxation today. Thank You that we didn't have to "GO" anywhere or "accomplish" anything. In today's world of hurry here and go there and finish this activity and accomplish this is so WONDERFUL to just do NOTHING- but laugh together, have fun, and PLAY.
Why don't I allow myself to do this more often? And, why do I get irritated when my family has no problem in this area of resting/relaxation/playing? I sometimes get frustrated at their (Brian's and the kids) LACK of being upset that things AREN'T "getting done." They don't feel "guilty" when our never-ending to do list "ain't" done.
I know, Lord, that I need to rest in You more often. I need to NOT focus on the doing and just focus on the being. I am not measured by how good I am or how much I accomplish or how together I am. I am good because You are good. My life is hidden with Christ in God. I am "all right" because Your Spirit lives within me, because I am Your Child, and because the blood of Christ has done all that needs to be accomplished.
So, as I ponder how fast "Life" happens when playing the board game- you finish college, choose a career, get married, have kids and retire all in an afternoon- I realize that REAL LIFE happens at equally break-neck speed and I need to slow down and enjoy it! I have awesome, wonderful kids who WANT ME to play games with them. I know this is just a season and before a blink of an eye they will be grown.
So thank You, Lord, for an afternoon of refreshment. And, more importantly, God, thank You for wisdom in teaching me to slow down and rest in You. Enjoy my time each day. Enjoy my kids.
Thank You for rainy days.
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eph2810 said...

Amen to that, Tracy. I do indeed 'run' through life as there is no tomorrow. We do need to slow down and enjoy life. Cut down on the to-do-list :) - I have and I am much happier and have time with my Lord :)

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed today and always...

Karen said...

What a wonderful post! I used to love playing Monopoly. We'd have saving accounts and all! It was rainy here today as well. My older daughter and I played some cards. And then she and I and my hubby played a little bit of cards this evening. It is nice to just relax and have fun.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

LAURIE said...

I love days like this! Unfortunetly we don't get them very often, mainly because we don't take the time. Thanks for sharing and reminding us the importance of resting and relaxing in Him. -blessings.

Leah said...

Well, my friend, sounds like you have been reading me mail!! LOL! These are many of the same thoughts I have SOOOO Very often. Why doesn't Greg see more things to do around the house? Why do I not just let it go and relax more? Why am I so driven?

I too need desperately to take more time to relax and enjoy my husband and the world that God has given me. I so understand where you are with this.

Thanks for a beautiful reminder that I need to slow down and smell the roses!!


Toknowhim said...

What a neat Thankful list today :)

Grammy said...

Very well said ! I an so glad you found happiness in play and doing nothing but enjoying the family.

Lauren said...

I love board games! My sister and I used to call them "bored" games because we played them on rainy days! :)

Jerralea said...

I'm always wanting to have a "game night" but it's a rare thing now that the kids are teens that we're all home together.

Enjoy while you can!