Wordless Wednesday

Do you know Him? Do you know that He died for you? That He wants to spend eternity with you? That His heart aches for you?
Do you know that if you don't accept Him, IF you reject Him, you will spend eternity separated from Him?
There are no "short cuts", there are no "other ways"....
there are NOT many was to God...
there is only ONE way-
Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life...
NO ONE comes to the Father except through me. "
Take a look at this picture.
Do you see the blood?
Do you see how He suffered for you? For me?
If there were other ways, then why would He have to, CHOOSE to die?
He died so that you could LIVE.
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This picture was lent to me by an awesome young man named Izzy.
I visited his blog and it is AWESOME!
He is so talented~ here is a sappling of one of his songs:
"You are my shelter
When I'm falling apart.
You are the answer
To my lonely heart.
You're everything to me.
The air beneath my wings.
You are my heart..."-
"My Heart", Izzy Galvez
This is just one song~ his blog is FULL of inspirational songs.
Please visit his blog and say hi!
When you are there, check out his testimony:

4 thoughts shared....:

Amy said...

Thank you Tracy for being so bold to tell it like it really is. I love that. I struggle with that alot ecspecially with family whom aren't saved. Thanks again.

Izzy Galvez said...

Hey Tracy,

Thank you so much for the comments! It really is a blessing to connect with you and share my art. :)

And thank you for the "shout out", too. It's exciting, to be honest! I appreciate it.

I've been keeping you and Cedar Rapids in my prayers. It's nice to hear back from you.

God Bless,
- Izzy

Denise said...

You are so awesome my friend.

Laurie Ann said...

Such a powerful post. No one could walk away from this not being able to make a decision one way or the other if they were wavering. God bless your boldness for Christ!