Finally!!!!!!!!! Our Chicago trip!

Finally! Pictures from our Chicago trip a few weeks ago! I left my camera in our Illinois hometown when we stopped there on the way back to Iowa....and just got it back!!!

How I would love to post all 179 pictures, but I am sure you would eventually get bored! LOL!
Oh, how I wish I could sit down with you over coffee and share all of the exciting details. So, I will do my best to highlight our favorite parts of the trip.

The American Girl Store....

Every little girl's dream come true!!!!! If you aren't familiar with this phenomena, it can be quite a shock to learn there is a 3 story department store full of dolls, clothes, hair salon, theater, restaurant. Just Google it and you will find all the info you will need!
Anyway, the $10 hairdo at the salon was WELL worth it!!!

Aly's 1st AG doll~ KIT! Smiles:priceless

Of course, the dolls came with us everywhere for the rest of the trip!


The view from the TOP of the Ferris wheel...

at Navy Pier!

"Niki" likes the view, too! (Amazing view!!!)

Mommy and Aaron in the cart on TOP!

Well, if the girls get dolls, then the guys HAVE to go to the LEGO store!

Millennium Park
This place was AMAZING!!! This is the "Bean." It is a big mirror. Look closely and you can see people (me, too) taking pictures of their reflection....
THIS was so AWESOME! Digital images that spit on you!!! Kids loved it!

Get ready!


WALKING to the Buckingham Fountain...

Chicago skyline!

Field Museum..

Can you guess?
We had a blast! Hope you enjoyed the pics...

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Laurie Ann said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Your kids are adorable and you're such a beautiful lady with a heart to match. God bless you for sharing your vacation with us!