Father, I cry out for our country. Father, You are the Father of comfort and the God of all compassion. Please pour out Your comfort, compassion, love, and peace to all of the people suffering in our country. From these hurricanes to the the train disaster. Lord, this has been a trying year for so many with natural disasters....tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes. I know many may be wondering where You are. I know some are blaming You and hating You in their hearts. I know some are questioning if You are real. Lord, have mercy on us. Have compassion and patience. Lord, fall a fresh on these weary hearts. Fill them with Your love, Your forgiveness. Fill us, Lord with the peace that passes all understanding. And, Lord, may we, as Your Church, as Your hands and feet, spread Your love and Your presence to the hurting. May we bring comfort. May we walk out our faith by being that helping hand, that loving tongue. Help us a country, Lord, turn back to You. In Christ's precious Name I pray. In the name above all Names. By the Name and by His sacrifice may Your grace fall on the United States.

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Edie said...

Thanks for allowing me to join you in prayer Tracy. We so need His mercy. We found out during our worship service this morning that was are to begin receiving some evacuees affected by Ike. I have signed up to assist. I cannot imagine being in that position but it can happen to any of us. Be blessed!

LauraLee Shaw said...

Amen. Wow, how beautiful.