Blogging Break......

Hello, all! Sorry that I have been "gone" so long! Last weekend's women's retreat was wonderful. God was amazing!

Then, this week

the grass needed mowed

groceries gotten

sick kids with fever, sore throat, headache

Aaron has field trip

Aaron has doctor's appt.

I had doctor's appt. WITH pap smear (UGH!)

soccer practice

football game

house cleaned

laundry done

fall decorations out

AAAHHHH and is already Thursday!

Thank God, He is my provider. Thank You, Lord for being my strength. Thank You, Lord that Your peace passes all understanding. Thank You, Lord that I can do all things (that You call me to) in Christ who strengthens me. Thank You, Lord, that I can do all things joyfully when I commit them to You. (Colossians). Lord, I love You!!! week I get to go to Joyce Meyer to be filled!!!! 4 days alone/with my spiritual mama!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!! My husband is the coolest!!!!!! My God is the coolest!!!!!

4 thoughts shared....:

Susan said...

Hey Tracy,

Now that was one BUSY week for you. Praise God this is now behind you.

And next week sounds WONDERFUL. Enjoy and BE FILLED!!!

Happy TT~

Debra said...

God is definitely the Coolest! May you be blessed next week!

Laurie Ann said...

Our God is awesome! So glad the retreat went well. Did you get to see Sarah Palin? Joyce Meyer is awesome! I'm so excited that you're going to get to see her.

Kathryn said...

I hear you, girl! Praise God for carrying us through those times and for giving us times of refreshment in between!

How did the retreat go?