Will I Walk in It????? Part 1

Oh boy! What a day! We had an awesome looooonnnnngggg weekend- the kids had Friday and Monday off of school, so we had lots of fun being together.

Today though, at Chuck E. Cheese's we went out to the car to find the tire FLAT as a pancake. And, as usual, Tracy can never do things simply, so I also had three extra children along with my own five. When I called Brian for help, he was so busy at work that he told me to call him back in about 20 minutes (he was in the middle of a review)! Well, I had our guests picked up by their big brother and my kids went home with a neighbor who was also at Chuck E. Cheese. That left me alone with just Abby, who happened to be sleeping. So, I thanked God for few extra minutes to be able to pray (and possibly read the Word, depending on how long it took Brian to get there).

So, I settled in and began to pray. I was praying that I would be a light shining for Him, no matter what the circumstances are (like flat tires and things like Andrew teasing his little brother and sisters- exact words!) Before I had much time to pray anything else, my knight in shining armor rode up to change the tire. The plan was to use "Fix-A-Flat" to pump up the tire to drive it ACROSS THE STREET to Sear's to be fixed. Well, the tire was off the rim, so.......... Brian was not able to change it to the spare until after work, I have Bible Study on Monday nights, so now what will I do????(Notice my first opportunity to be a light- the tire was NOT fixed the way I expected. Now, I was without a car. What would my reaction be?) Well, both Brian and I were very calm. He drove me and Abigail home- not much more to do for the moment.

Well, opportunity #2 came along as soon as I opened the door! The kids were supposed to be finishing up their chores (folding some laundry and sweeping the floor). I was hoping it would all be done then we could "snuggle" together, take a nap, and rest the rest of the day (ever been to Chuck E. Cheese??????????). But, when I walked in, the kids had been fighting, Andrew had been teasing, and the chores were NOT finished!

I wish I could say I had a peaceful reaction. I wish I had been a quiet and gentle spirit!!!! NOT!

Praise God that He is a God of second chances and I know I will get yet another opportunity to react in the Spirit and NOT the flesh.

Remember my prayer? More on that later.........

To be continued..................

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