Do you have your oxygen mask on?

Listening to the flight attendant tell us all about oxygen masks, I couldn't help but make the "spiritual connection"- especially when she began talking about children. She said that it was very important to put on our own masks BEFORE we put them on any children seated next to us.

I thought about me, as a mother, Sunday School teacher, mentor to teenage girls.... I need to get my oxygen on BEFORE I attempt to help them put on theirs! I need to make sure I am seeking MY oxygen- Jesus Christ- before I help them to seek Him as well. Like the oxygen, I may start to help them before I am secured, but I pass out! And, my deepest desire is for them to be SAVED and SECURE as well....but I can't make a difference if I am lying unconscious next to them! I must first secure my own mask, then reach over and put on theirs... What may be really cool, though, is that they have WATCHED ME and learned how to do it themselves. I am there to check on it and make sure it is secure.


Lord, may I always seek You as my life-giving, life-sustaining oxygen! May I also help others to secure their "oxygen" masks as well! Lord, I love You! In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

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Linda said...

Tracy, this was a good lesson! I am aware of my need to be filled with the life giving oxygen before I can breathe it out to others or help them find Him.

Thanks so much for sharing is an object lesson that I won't forget!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Leah said...

great analogy, Tracy. Happy Thanksgiving!