Black Friday....

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Do you go shopping on this most dreaded of shopping days? Do wake up in the middle of night to get out by 4AM (or, like this year as many place begin at 12 midnight the night before)? Do you scour the adds looking for the best deal? Do you feel exhilarated as you brave the crowds hunting down the items from your list? Does your list resemble more of a notebook, filled with times and items listed for each store, along with needed items for every person on your Christmas list?

If so, I am right there with ya! The above describes me to a T! I LOVE "Black Friday"! I LOVE this shopping day more than any other! I have no problem waking up, getting ready (no, I am NOT one who basically rolls out of bed and comes in her PJs). I do it all- hair, make-up, traditional Christmas sweater....

But, as we look for all of the best deals, let us remember what is THE best "deal"- trading our life of sin for His robes of righteousness. As we hunt for the "perfect" present, let us remember the Father's gift to each of us.....His precious and beautiful Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

And.....what a PERFECT day to shine the Light of Jesus and share the Gospel! Not only do I wear my cross and my friendliest SMILE, not only do I clothe myself with patience and grace.... but I make a point to shine of the Light of Christ to every person I come into contact with...

Which may mean you give up your spot in line to someone else. You may have to offer the last sale item to another. And, I make a point to share the Gospel with check-out clerks with a GREAT tradition we do every year- Gift with Purchase (from the book, Redeeming the Season).
day before Thanksgiving the kids and I sit down and make craft items to give away as gifts to the salesclerks. We usually make ornaments of some kind... I make sure to thank the clerks for being there for us (shoppers). And, I make sure to say, "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! The ornament always has a message of God's love for us. We have also done bracelets in the past as well. It is an awesome way to bring some joy on a very CRAZY day!

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Happy shopping!

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Leah said...

No, I am not a Black Friday shopper. Ughh!! Never!

Yes, I love the idea of giving the sales clerks a gift. How cool is that!! I'll defintely remember that IF I go shopping in December.

Yes, you are such a sweetie!!

Love ya,