Lost in Las Vegas

Brian and I are again on our way to Vegas for another work convention. This time, I will know what to expect! Please be praying for me. Pray that God would provide an opportunity for me to reach out in Jesus' Name. Pray that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray that He would fill my mouth with His words everywhere I go and whenever I speak. Here is the post from 3 years ago after my first trip there.

We are home from Las Vegas, and it is always so wonderful to get away together as a couple, without the kids! Although it was wonderful spending time with Brian, and socializing with people at the convention, Las Vegas was truly a hard city for me to visit. Brian's brother called us on the cell phone while we were there, not knowing that we were in Vegas. When he learned that I was there, too, his reaction was, "Tracy will have to go to church for a week!" Funny.

But, he knew what we were experiencing because he had just been there. Gone is the "family theme" and Vegas revels in its new theme, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Las Vegas truly lives up to its nickname as "sin city"- sex, drugs, materialism. When you think of Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is the lure of gambling. And, of course, watching people in the casinos, you could see people caught in the bondage of gambling, as they plugged away (what looked like) their last nickels in the slot the machines. But, what stood out more than anything was the sexual sin. From the first moment entering Vegas, visitors are bombarded with sexual images once we step off of the airplane. Beginning at the airport and all down the strip and in front of every casino and hotel, there are large screen TVs looping commercials over and over, promoting everything from Cirque du Soleil's new "Zumanity," a show of acrobats appearing naked simulating sex in every imaginable "fantasy," to a choral review with women "dripping rhinestones barely covering anything," to the Chippendale's dancers to Tangerine nightclub, with a view of the "strip" both inside and outside (a strip club located in our hotel!). Walking down the street, there are flyers and booklets promoting prostitutes. Even at the "mall," stores openly displayed nipple jewelry and sex toys (next to "normal" stores like the Gap and Children's Place!).

But, as "yucky" as it all sounds, the overwhelming emotion I felt the most was grief. I looked around at my beautiful surroundings and watched people having fun in the glamorous environment, oblivious to everything else. I believe as we walk closer to the Lord, we grow more sensitive to His Spirit, and the more we begin to know His heart. I could feel the grief of the Father's heart as I walked around Vegas. There were times I could barely hold back the tears. He so opened my eyes, truly seeing these lost women, women without a hope or future. I had such a sense of His grief for them. They were beautiful women, and they looked satisfied, glamorous. They probably would tell you they are happy in their lifestyles, having no idea they are ruining their lives. Watching an interview with a woman on TV, she told how she was more comfortable without clothes than with clothes. She even "bragged" about having sex with five men at the same time. My heart broke. How they need Jesus!

It gave me such a sense of how we are failing as a Church, how we are NOT reaching the lost, who so desperately need Jesus. The world is looking for "something," not knowing exactly what it is. The enemy is right there, deceiving the lost into thinking this lifestyle is it! The attention, the money, the "power," the glamour they receive from it. You may be thinking, "But, Tracy, I can not pick up and move to Las Vegas to minister to the lost there." But, I wondered, as I thought about all of this, how many of those girls were once living in small town America (maybe even Cedar Rapids!), searching and seeking and no one reached out to them. No one told them about Jesus. No one told them there was freedom in the Light! Oh, Father, may we all be a Light shining for You! Help us to get out of our bubbles, out of our comfort zones and reach the world for You! Give us words to share Your love to everyone we meet! Lord, give us eyes to see the lost You directly place in our paths!

Father, I lift up the Lost to You, especially those in Las Vegas. Father, Your Word says Jesus came to set the captives free. I pray these women will be set free! I bind the enemy, in the name of Jesus, to the deception of their hearts and minds. He has darkened their minds with His deception. Satan, you are a defeated foe, and I declare you have no power over these women! I pray for a release from their chains! I pray for release from deception, the seduction, the lure this life has over them. Jesus paid too high a price for them to live and die and not ever find You! This is a question of heaven and hell, where will they spend eternity. Lord, it sad that they are caught up in this lifestyle now, but the thought that they would never know You is heartbreaking. Lord, help us Christians to get out of our comfort zones, out of our own self-centered lifestyles and tell people about Jesus! In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Jesus, I am again reminded of how thankful I am for You- that I have You in my life! I love You, Jesus!!!!!!!

Blessings to all of you!

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amy said...

It is so easy to be pulled into such an area of life... Some of those women, and lets not forget the men too, have heard the word of Christ... yet they don't know how to get out or their hearts have become hardened.
I can only hope that when we, in our own towns and out in the world, encounter people, we stop and think about what may have brought them to where they are... when you are even at a simple place, i.e. the groc. store check out, ask how the cashier is doing... then tell her/him that you will pray for them.
It only takes one very small mustard seed...