Gathering at the Well....Online!

As I begin to make my well to a fresh drink of the Living Water of God, my cell phone rings. I stop to see who is calling. As I turn, I hear the "ping" of a new email message on my computer. And, as Jesus beckons me to come, the annoying buzz of a text message steals my attention.
Technology is wonderful, isn't it?
But, I have found that I must be very careful how I use it- in many ways- but especially that it doesn't steal my time. How many of us have intended to only spend a few minutes at the computer to check our email when we realize we have just wasted an hour from our day!
As we read Titus 2, we see that we are to be "busy at home". And, as I read Proverbs 31, I want to be that Godly woman, industrious at home, taking care of her family.
So, I have found that I must be alert, aware, and careful how much TIME I am spending on the computer. It is a wonderful resource of recipes, advice, and housecleaning tips. But, I have a shelf of wonderful cookbooks, "tried and true", that I can just as easily open for inspiration.
One thing that I want to remember as well is to seek the advice, when needed, of Godly women "IRL"- my mother, my mother-in-law, and my spiritual mom. It's strange because I can go several days (sometimes a week or longer!) and realize that I haven't talked to my mom! We live several hours away from one another, so it is important to call on a regular basis.
Email is fast and easy when we need to "get the information out." But, we must not depend on it solely. There are people in our lives that need a loving touch.....a personal phone call, a letter, and even a VISIT!
This happened to me recently. I received an email asking if anyone knew a Christian woman providing daycare. I knew a childcare provider who (I thought) had openings. I was tempted to just email my response, but was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pick up the phone and call her. What I found was that she wasn't even doing childcare anymore due to health concerns and that she needed a FRIEND! I was able to talk to her and PRAY with her and make a plan to help her with HER KIDS! That never would have happened if I would simply have just emailed her name and number.
My thoughts went in a little different direction today..... There is so much more I wanted to write about being loving through email and social networking.....being a Light in a dark place (the Internet) and "living out your faith" online (not being "one way" online while being something different at church).....
But, I will instead encourage you to join the discussion At the Well where there are other Godly women sharing their wisdom on this new Cyber-world we live in!
And, if you would like to join in the discussion, please do! Here are the topic questions. Please click on to link up to others At the Well.

3 thoughts shared....:

Joyfull said...

Beautiful post that graced so many aspects of a Titus 2 woman. I need to be on guard to not overuse technology. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that we also need to be sensitive to times when contact is needed! Blessings to you today!

shopannies said...

you are so right I love my social medias and my blog but must say I desire getting together with my christian friends and family as well

Sandra said...

I do like some of technology, but I still like a personal visit, a phone call to hear someone's voice and a simple card in the mail that was signed, not typed, that just lets you know someone was thinking about you and took the time to write out your address and put it in the mail. Time is such an important thing to give to people and it matters a whole lot more than a meer email.