Yes, I have been avoiding you!

It's been two weeks since I have blogged. And, honestly, yes, I have been avoiding you.

Have you ever been "in a funk"?

A time when you pushed God away and just "succumbed" to life? To the busy-ness?

A time when you just "didn't feel" like reading the Word. Or blogging. And, I wish I could say that I was at least journaling the old-fashioned way with my spiral and pen, but alas....I didn't feel like doing that either!

Thankfully, God doesn't LEAVE us! He doesn't say "He doesn't feel like" dealing with us! He was right there all along, beckoning to me.....whispering to my heart....wooing me.

So, last Monday, at my Bible Study (I'm the leader!) I knew I needed to "fess up." I poured out how I had been feeling the last few weeks and how I had been NOT spending time with God. They also shared a common "funk" in their lives as well! (Is it summer? Back to school? The times we are living in?) Well, we prayed together and shared our common desire to "get back on track!" We all knew that we didn't like not spending time with God!

So, I am GRATEFUL to say, I am back in the Word....back seeking time in His presence.....back blogging!

I do have a very important prayer request as well.

Please pray for my dear sister in Christ, T. Her 14 year old son died suddenly in an accident. Please lift up this family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their son and brother. S. was(is) an amazing kid who loved the Lord! We have confidence in knowing he is with Jesus!

Thanks everyone. And, thank you as you have patiently waited for me to "return"! :)

And, if you are experiencing, "a funk," please continue to diligently PRESS IN! Continue to seek God with all that you have! Fall down on your knees and cry out to Him! He will answer!

"....pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, ENDURANCE, and
gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the
eternal life to which you were called...." 1Timothy 6:11-12

3 thoughts shared....:

Leah said...

Oh, Tracy, I know all about those funks. Been there, done that, got more than one T-shirt, but thankfully the Lord always brings me out of them if I just keep on pressing into Him.

Praying for T. and her family.

Glad you are back.


Rosy said...

Amazing! Love the Lord for his ways and words! I am feeling the same, for the past 2 weeks, I haven't even managed to sing before dining. And guess what, today I sat and read the entire Timothy. I hear his calling...

And besides that, yes I missed you for 2 weeks. Yes I stop by you everyday, but haven't shared my faith with you so far. Good to see you back and thank you for pulling me also back in track.

Much in prayers, Rosy.

Proverbs 27:19 said...

Your confession is a great witness for us. Of course I get in those funks, well, with the exception of writing. I "always" want to write. But my problem is that I tend to push God away first in any funk I am in. In my mind it just seems easier because when you are reading the word, it convicts! And conviction on the funk I am in at the current moment is not what I want. I get so wrapped up in it that I think that I want to be that way!

Sad and silly huh?