Running at Word-Filled Wednesday

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;

I'm not a runner by nature. Nope.

As a kid, I was overweight, so I felt self-conscience when I ran. I remember when I was really young my friend told me, "My mom says you look like a sack of potatoes when you run." Didn't run much after that.

Didn't run track.

Didn't run in college.

But, I have always LONGED to run. As an adult I would always use the excuse that it hurt my knees. I would TRY to run, but would only get about a half a block before I quit.

Now, walking...... I am an avid walker and love to walk MILES. I walk hills. I walk fast. I swing my arms. I "prayer walk", bringing my journal. I LOVE walking. Walking is easy.

But, last April I began to seriously run. I asked a friend to help "train" me.

Running is hard.

I love it.

I hate it.

With running I have to FOCUS. I have to "be in it." I have to push myself.

Or, I easily revert back to a walk. My body WANTS to go back into a walking stride.

Walking is easy.

Running is hard. After the first mile (but I HAVE to push myself even in that first mile!) my chest starts to explode. My leg muscles begin to ache. It's uncomfortable. I don't WANT to go on... I want to WALK.

Walking is what I know. It is what my muscles know. I have been walking for years.

So, when I am running, if I am not AWARE, not keeping focus, my body naturally wants to STOP the run and go back to a walk.

And so it is spiritually....

Pressing on.....pressing IN can be hard.

It is easy to fall back into our comfortable habits, comfortable mindsets. Our spiritual bodies want to STOP the "run" and go back to what is easy. But, to get better, to get "fit", we must stretch ourselves spiritually. We must PRESS IN and PRESS ON. When our minds revert back to those old mindsets and habits, we must continue to PUSH.

Maybe God has called you to PUSH yourself, stretch yourself. Maybe He has called you to fast, but you have not been willing. Maybe God has called you into an area of give up a secret sin or to forgive someone who has hurt you. Maybe God has called you into an area of ministry, but you are afraid. Maybe you have lived in an area of deception and God is calling you to walk in Truth, to be honest with yourself, honest with Him. Maybe you have never read the Word before. Yes, you have a bookcase of "religious books", but have not gone deeper. Maybe it feels uncomfortable.

Whatever the way God is stretching you, PRESS IN!

When my run is over, I feel GREAT! I am covered with sweat. My body feels good.

....let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us RUN WITH PERSEVERANCE the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of faith.....Hebrews 12:1-2

Lord, help me to "run" spiritually. Give me ears to hear You when You call me to something deeper. Give me strength! I love You, Lord!

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11 thoughts shared....:

Denise said...

So powerful.

Joyfull said...

Fantastic thoughts on pushing through. May we truly press in to what the Lord is calling us to do.

Michele said...

WHat a great WFW POST!!! I so enjoyed reading. Have Blessed WFW!

lori said...

Girl...THIS is the VERSE that I NEEDED most to hear's been one of those KNOW what I'm talking steps forward....all back...BUT this is what it's all about...RUNNING with ENDURANCE!! See you have to repost these since the computer went crazy and I get to benefit from it!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you....

Geesh, I so wish you lived next door...I'd even RUN with you!!

love you!

Theresa Miller said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing. I actually shared that verse in a blog hop yesterday.

Peggy said...

Sweet blessings Runner!

Great devotional Tracy! Thank you for sharing your training tips to run & the spiritual lesson. I pray also to endure & run a good race but definitely not physically anymore (but walking I do, and prayer walks even more)!

Amen to Tracy's prayer LORD!Give her ears to hear & the strength to endure to run the race in love with You & full of Your grace!

(Tracy, did you see Lana's WFW..I thought of your blog right away & then came looking & so glad I did!)

Love your WFW! Feeling weary myself
but Isaiah has my life verse and I await Eagle's Wings!

Laurie said...

I am thirsty for Him, too! I love your encouragements in your blog! I will press in. Blessings, Laurie

Laurie said...

I am thirsty for Him, too! I love your encouragements in your blog! I will press in. Blessings, Laurie

Chelle said...

Great word friend, thank you!

One full marathon and 3 half marathons later, I still don't like running. Yet, I still do it. Go figure. Sometimes, the joy is found in the outcome, not the process :)

Susan said...

Hey Tracy,

What a great verse, and incredible post!

I'm so proud of you.

Keep running hard after Him...

laytonfamily said...

what an absolutely wonderful post. I do not run. I am sized heavier toward the upper half of my body, and when running I am incredibly aware of myself and the sack of potatoes! My husband has always run - even a marathon! I settled for cheerleader.

I love how you connect running with our spiritual "walk". How true!

very uplifting - thank you!