A Woman Inspired Conference

Boo! Hoo!

I was listening to the awesome women's ministry conference from A Woman Inspired when my computer SHUT DOWN! Thankfully, (THANK YOU JESUS!) I had already introduced and prayed for the speaker, Leah Adams. BUT....I didn't get to hear her.

YEA....the conference downloads will be available after June 15. Click here for more info.!

Well, I DID get my closet cleaned out, had a great day with the kids, and worked on laundry.

But, computer is back up.......so tomorrow, I will be BACK (God willing!). Hope you can join us....to be INSPIRED!

3 thoughts shared....:

Kela said...

I'm so feeling you on that. I haven't been able to hear much since Amy Bayliss's conference time.

YAY for the download that's coming!! I know that I have missed so many blessings...but!, they will be coming my way soon :)

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, that sucks about your computer but the baby picture is so cute, hee he.

Twill said...

I love your blog page. Where do you get all of those wonderful pictures from so that i may add sum to my blog page?