Eight days of Prayer for our Country

“If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face,
and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
-II Chronicles 7: 14

I found this online and was interested. It spoke to me!

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

I am writing to you today with heaviness deep within my soul for the people of our nation. My
heart has grown disturbed by the shadows of darkness which lurk in every nook and corner of our country. The cloak of wickedness is causing death and destruction to the very foundation upon which our great nation was built.

America was founded by our forefathers as “one nation under God”. So why are so many trying to take God out? The evidence of this is everywhere! Violence has increased, marriages are crumbling, our children stray from their family and faith, abortions continue in staggering numbers, and the name of God is mocked rather than reverenced. Sadly, the church echoes with complaints and complacency rather than fervor, zeal, and passion in serving the Lord. We as a nation have become comfortable. Our wealth and prosperity has poisoned us along with the accelerating busyness of our day…no time to rest, no time to eat, no time for family, no time for church, no time for prayer, no time for God!

Yet in the midst of these dark shadows across our land, there is still a thread of God’s grace…a
redeeming light through the act of one solitary man…Jesus! He is the hope of true freedom and
we as believers in Christ are also a light! God does not need any of us to fulfill His plan. He is
sovereign over all and chooses to use us. As children of the light for such a time as this, we must
humble ourselves as servants of the Lord and through His direction join in fervent prayer together for our nation to have an outpouring of the Spirit of God across this land.

The Lord has placed upon my heart a vision of churches across our country joining together in
concerted prayer for our nation and the upcoming election. My hope is to unite fifty churches, one in every state, in a “Concert of Prayer for the Nation”. This would start on Sunday, Nov. 2nd at 6 pm and continue with a 24 hour prayer vigil leading up to Election Day. The way this plays out in your church is up to you and your leadership. The way this plays out in our nation is up to
how seriously we take this message and unify together to stand up and pray for “such a time as
this”. We would love to have your congregation join in this combined effort to bring about a
revival for our country!

Please let me know if your church would be willing to participate in this network of
congregations joining together for a “Concert of Prayer for the Nation” by e-mailing
info@peopleunitedinprayer.org . Also, you can find this information posted on

Please feel free to pass the word along. Thank you!
For His Glory and the Advancement of His Kingdom,
Sonya Naugle with the support of the Pastoral Staff and Elders at Fleetwood Bible Church


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Laurie Ann said...

Great info, Tracy!

Joyfull said...

Thank you for this wonderful link. Our church was given a hand out yesterday with guidelines to pray up to and through the election, so we are very interested in this site. Blessings!