I wrote this in 2008 and am astounded how it still rings true:
I have had such a sense of urgency.....a feeling of heaviness on my heart. I have been seeing things with eternal eyes, heart breaking, fearful of time slipping away......

I was speaking to the manager of a Christian radio station and she was painting the picture of the average listener....28 years old, married with one child, goes to church once or twice a month out of a sense of obligation, doesn't have a relationship with Jesus....She shared with me the need to reach this woman, bringing the love and hope of Christ. I have been thinking about her, this listener, so much lately.....

At church this morning, we had an awesome sermon on missions given by Mark Wolter, a missionary to Japan. But, as he finished with a prayer and the verses that the harvest is great, but the workers are few, I again felt such a heaviness

Do we care that there is an aching world out there in need of Jesus? Do we pursue this mission...to share Christ? Do we reach our hands out to heal, to feed, to care?

At the pool today, I looked around.....neighbors and friends. Where are they spiritually? Are they saved? Are they like the radio listener who flips between Christian radio and the pop station, not really "buying into" this God thing? Not sure what they believe, simply going to church out of duty and obligation.

Perfect bodies, expensive cars, kids begging for parents to come swim while they are sipping beers, chatting, flirting, gossipping, comparing their latest acquisitions.....time slipping away.

Lord, am I doing all I can for You? Lord, am I obeying Your calling? Lord, my heart breaks for those who are missing You, refusing You, denying You...

I love blogging. I love that God is able to work in me and through me to encourage others. I am so thankful that I am able to encourage other Christian women in their faith.

But, last week, I was feeling like I need to doing more to reach out to the lost....not just encouraging those in the faith (but, like I said, I want to continue to do that! I need encouragement and am thankful for it through blogging), but also reaching out to someone who is not strong in her faith. So, as I surfed around, I visited some new blogs.  I also checked out a blog of a witch. (Yes, your read that correctly) This, too, broke my heart. She wants to help make pagan blogs more popular. She talked about spells. But, she was also a mom with mom struggles

It is so sad to see the confusion that is out in the world. There may not be lots of witches in our neighborhoods, but there is a world out there turning to other things~ 

appearance, work and careers, materialism (the latest SUV, flat screen TV, handbag....), an affair, TV......

Lord, I pray for this fallen world. I pray for the lost. I pray for the confused. I pray for the reluctant. I pray for the indifferent. I pray for the hopeless.

I pray for the Church. Give us a heart, a desire to spread Your love, Your Truth, Your hope to this world. Lord give us, give ME a boldness to share Christ with this world. Lord, I want to be a worker in Your harvest. Like Isaiah said, "send me!" Lord, I want You to work through me and in me.

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Teresa said...

I join you Tracy...in praying and adding the indifferent, hopeless teenagers I see...

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Laurie Ann said...

I join you in prayer, Tracy, praying that God will make me an active worker, seeking to serve and not be served, seeking to give His truth to those out in the world.

Kathryn said...

Oh, Tracy, a big AMEN! from my little corner of the world.

The time is urgent; there is a clarion call for believers to return to Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (ref. Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27).

Blessings, dear sister.

Mark and Maki said...

Dear Tracy,

Thanks for your encouraging words on our blog and for your good thoughts here! May the Lord bless you and work through you as you seek to get into the lives of those who don't yet know Him!

Mark & Maki
p.s. If you'd like to hear more updates from Japan, please drop us a e-mail at markinkyoto@gmail.com

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I feel your burden! I live on a college campus, and experience daily the fruit of lazy uninterested Christians...because thier children are coming to our college, and they are so weak spiritually and know very little of personal holiness! It is so sad to hear them share about thier parents...thier dads that don't go to church, thier mom's with issues and how they take it out on thier children. the lack of discileship. The kids are suffering and are starving spiritually. But...they have new cars, designer clothes, ipods and cell phones....but they lack Jesus. God help us!!!