Too busy to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus?

My friend Gina wrote:

"It’s is easy to get caught up in our lives and schedules and think we are too busy to open our lives and homes to others. It’s easy to be committed to our own agenda, even our own families, and never open the door of our homes and lives to others. We can get so caught up in our duties–cleaning our house, making perfect meals, having everything in order…following our own schedules…and never allow people to really know us and what God is doing in our lives."

Boy, is she "right on target" here! So often, Satan loves to distract us with so many details that life whirls by and we MISS OUT on so many blessings of just BEING HERE.

Playing board games with the kids.

Smiling at the Target check out girl. In fact, actually LISTENING to her as she talks about her life...... How many times do we take the time to just LISTEN to the people God crosses our paths with?

Calling Mom.

I am such a firm believer in taking time to quietly LISTEN to God in this area. I believe the Holy Spirit is CONSTANTLY laying names of people in our lives on our hearts and minds......people who need to be encouraged in the faith. We never know what a difference one small phone call, email, or visit will make in someone else's life.

Sometimes we get so worried that reaching out will take too much of our precious time.....sometimes we are so saturated with activity that we don't even realize God is calling us to reach out to someone.

Thank You, Jesus for Your Body! May I be a HEALTHY, strong, vibrant, loving part of it! May I be "the hands and feet" of Jesus to all those around me!

2 thoughts shared....:

Gina said...

Thank you for taking part and sharing your godly wisdom and what you are learning! We are in this together!!!

Big hug!

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I truly enjoyed reading this post, Tracy. WE ARE THE BODY! Listening moment-by-moment...amen to that.

Love to you, friend : )