Makeover of the Heart

I am thrilled to be leading my bible study, "Makeover of the Heart" over at the well for the next six weeks! I so hope you can join us. I know God is going to be doing amazing things through this study. There will be short video teachings, a blog post, and weekly download-able study guide.

Are you ready for a MAKEOVER?

I hope you join us (and please TELL YOUR FRIENDS! )Here is the information, straight from "At the Well":

We are gearing up for a BRAND NEW BIBLE STUDY here At The Well given by one of our very own – Tracy Berta!

In this age of extreme make-overs, we transform everything from our appearance to our homes. Join us here, beginning MONDAY, September 13th, to explore a different kind of make-over; A Make-Over of the Heart. Come experience a complete heart transplant, allowing God to take out your old heart full of its selfish desires and replace it with a new heart….

A Delightful Heart
A Healed Heart
A Committed Heart
A Prayerful Heart
Our make-over begins with our hearts delighting in Him. Take a glimpse into the hearts of Jabez and King David, and learn what it means to truly “delight yourself in the Lord.”

So many hearts today are crying out for love and are carrying wounds of the past that so desperately need to be healed. Allow God to reveal your hidden pain, to heal your broken heart, and replace sorrow with joy by trusting Him.God wants our hearts to be fully devoted to Him. Learn how He has given us power, through the Holy Spirit, over sin, temptation, and the desires of the world to live as free women completely committed to Christ.God wants a natural, living, breathing relationship with you and prayer is the way to that relationship. He also wants us to slow our lives down so that we can be still and listen! Allow Him to transform your heart into a prayerful heart.

Each week Tracy will have a short video where she will share a bit about the weeks lesson, followed by a few words from her heart. We will have each weeks lesson right here for you to download and do at your own pace throughout the week.

We want you to be able to share and discuss as you are working your way through the study, so each week we will have a discussion question for you to ponder and answer either in the comments or by writing a post and linking it to us. We encourage you to come back throughout the week and read the comments and take part in the discussion.

We are beyond thrilled to have Tracy lead us through this study and can’t wait to see how the Lord will transform and renew our hearts!

We will link to each week’s post as the study continues:


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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Hey friend,

How exciting! I am eager to see what the Lord has given you!! So excited.


Debbie said...

Tracy, I'm intrigued by this one. I will check back tomorrow.

Sweetladyelaine said...

Would love to do the Bible study! I will check back tomorrow,