God is AWESOME!!!! Had an amazing time at the Woman's Retreat!

Did I tell you the topic was JOY????

Technically...."Everyday Celebrations."

The message was AWESOME! I can say that because it was ALL GOD! He was "showed up" and was HUGE! I can't wait to share more details throughout the week.

But, I promised the ladies I would get this up ASAP. We had technical difficulties...and had no sound. As you'll see....you gotta have the sound!

Hope it blesses you (at least makes you laugh!).

2 thoughts shared....:

Debbie said...

Tracy, you can move girl! And I can definitely see you've got some serious joy going there ...

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing the video! Loved it! And thanks for the reminder that there are days when we need to change our tune!

Blessings to you and your family!