Rolling the Dice

I love Proverbs! There is so much wisdom to be gleamed from this book of the Bible. And, although it is NOT a book of "promises", these are wise sayings that are generally true in life.

Chapter 16 has a theme of how the Lord is over our He is in CONTROL. We are told to commit our plans to God in order for them to succeed. We are to watch our motives. And, we are told in verse 9 that we can make plans, but God determines our steps, reminding me of Romans 8:28: "God works ALL things together for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose."

It is a comfort to me knowing that God even controls how the "dice" in my life fall. He is working out every life circumstance and weaving them together into a beautiful tapestry that makes "life."

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Debbie said...

I love how you are reading through Proverbs with your children. What a wonderful way to teach and apply the Word.

I love the translation to your Proverbs 16:33 verse.

Blessings and love,

Susan said...


This was awesome and so very true.

Our lives are truly in HIS hands and it brings so much comfort~

Blessings to you this WFW!

Marsha said...

Amen, Tracy. No luck to it...the Lord has determined our steps.

lori said...

LOVE this and it's SOOO timely!
We are doing a "Walking Wisely" sermon series this summer...a WALK through Proverbs! This just falls right in line with all I've been studying!

Love you girl!!
Are you overwhelmed yet?? Just holler if you need anything! love you!

Kela said...

Praise God that HE is in control!!! I surrender to His will.

Have a blessed week my friend!


Beth in NC said...

Ha. This is great. I didn't even realize dice were mentioned in scripture.

Happy WFW!

Karen said...

I am so glad that God still reigns over the affairs of man!!

Donna said...

Amen! What a beautiful reminder today that God is in control and He determines our steps! Thanks for sharing!

Blessings to you and your family!

Joyfull said...

Amen! What a comfort and encouragement that God is in control and our life is not up for chance. Thanks for a blessed Word!

ozjane said...

Yes I too love Proverbs and many times over the years have read the chapter of proverbs for the corresponding date.....there are 31 chapters and 31 days in most months.
Tis a blessing.

Denise said...

Really enjoyed this.

Cathy said...

A neat WFW ~