All glory to God!

Thank you all for praying for me last weekend. The ladies' retreat was awesome! God is good! What a precious group of women seeking Him.

The retreat was a small group of women- about ten. This is the smallest retreat I had spoken at, and a HUMAN tendency may be to be disappointed by the "numbers" there. But, God spoke to my heart right away about it. These ten women are PRECIOUS to Him! And, He had brought me almost 200 miles to speak a message He had given me just for them! Isn't it precious? He loves each of us so much and wants to do a mighty work, regardless if it is at a Joyce Meyer conference with 10,000 women or a Baraboo retreat with 10! Remember the parable of the lost sheep? Jesus will leave the flock of 99 to look for that 1 little lost lamb! Each one of us is so valuable to Him!

I have to share one story that was beautiful. I had shared with the women part of the message and given them some time to journal what the Holy Spirit was speaking to them personally. After praying for them, I played soft worship music while they wrote for about 10 minutes. I then began to share the next part of my message- how much God loves each one of us. I shared an example that God brought to me a couple of months ago:

Abby was about 8 months old. I was making my bed and I looked over at Abby in her swing and I was filled with such overflowing, immense, unconditional love for her. It was like a wave of love washed over me. I HAD to stop making the bed, drop everything and scoop her up, kissing her from top to bottom. I thought, "Abby, you are "addicting!" Sometimes I can't even do anything else but love on ya!" I felt so much love for her. She hadn't DONE anything- hadn't performed- wasn't DOING anything........I just felt love for her.

God whispered to my heart that is how He feels for me.........overflowing, immense, gotta stop what you are doing, scoop you up and love on ya, unconditional love. Girls, we don't have to DO anything, He JUST loves us! He just has to pick us up, breathe us in, kiss us, love on us........... The God of the Universe feels that way for us! We don't have to perform, to be good... WE JUST HAVE TO BE!

Doesn't it just bring us to our knees????????

As I finished this story, I looked over and saw a woman crying. Because of the size of the group, the intimacy, she could openly share with us why she was crying. When she was journaling, she has written the words, "I don't need to do anything, just BE." God had spoken directly to her! And I know in my heart that He brought me all the way to Baraboo, Wisconsin to tell her that!

That is what I mean by God loving each one of us so much- so personally. He is good! He is glorious! He is awesome! He is amazing! To God be the glory!!!!!!

Bless you all today in abundance!

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Chelle said...

Thank you for sharing how the retreat went! You actually came to my mind Saturday night so I started praying for you.

Beautiful words that woman was given, "just be." It's really that simple.

Praise the Lord!! :)

bikerchick56 said...

It was so good to talk to you today, and to have a new friend and sister in Christ. Thanks again for the seeds you sowed in our little 'flock' this weekend :) Your words were a sweet fragrance to God, and a blessing to us!


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I want to just BE!!! so glad for your time and post and report!! love you girlie!! leigh