How are your flowers looking? is so important for LIFE. 

I was looking at my flowers on the deck and they look "wilty", scraggly, NOT healthy and vibrant! Usually, my deck pots are overflowing abundantly with luscious, beautiful flowers.  But, this has been a summer of hurry and busy, and the flowers have suffered.  I usually tend my flowers, but have assigned the task to the kids this summer.  Pondering, I realize that there are object lesson for my faith life as well.

I need the Living Water in my life on a daily, regular, overflowing basis or I will become wilty, scraggly, or even DIE, depending on how dry I have become.  I need Jesus so that I truly live and live abundantly and beautifully.

I can't depend on others for my spiritual water.  I can't depend on  Facebook posts.  I can't depend on YouTube videos or Sunday morning sermons.  I can't depend on the latest book.  I need to spend quiet alone time with the Lord and the Word and depend on Jesus as my Living Water.  Only He can fill me completely.  While those other things are beneficial, they should never be my SOURCE of refreshment. Only personal, intimate time with Jesus will refresh, nourish, and keep me beautiful and fruitful.

I also need a steady watering, not haphazardly drinking some here and there.  My neighbors' flowers are gorgeous because they have been steadily and consistently watered. I need a continual input of the Living Water.  I can't take sips here and there, but I need to drink deeply and constantly of Jesus.  I need Him to refresh and fill and make me beautiful.  He can only do this when I spend time with Him- not hurried, take-a-minute-here, once in awhile time- but quality, abundant, QUIET time...sitting at His feet, soaking Him in. Like my flowers, it is then that I will be healthy and bloom abundantly!

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him."  John 7:38

Lord, water me.  Fill every fiber of my being with YOU.  I know only You are life-giving water.

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