Why are you homeschooling???

Boy, I have heard this question A LOT over the past few weeks! Often, I am not sure HOW to answer people because I don't have TIME to explain in the few short minutes they are expecting the explanation to take!!!

Bad experience at school? Nope. We actually LOVE our elementary school and desire to stay in "community" with our Bowman Woods Elementary School.

Kids "falling through the cracks"? No....not really. Do they receive the attention they should get individually to help with struggles? As a former teacher myself, I understand how IMPOSSIBLE it is to give ALL kids the desired one-on-one time needed.

Why? Why? Why? Why are you choosing to pull your children OUT of public school, where they have attended several years already, away from friends and familiar faces, away from the "experts" who get paid to educate your children????


Where do I begin?

First, I have to say God began working on my heart several years ago (8) at a Hearts at Home conference. This is where I first heard the word "homeschool". There was a whole ROOM dedicated to resources for homeschooling moms, including moms there to talk with others who may be considering it. I was very interested.....but didn't take the plunge.

At that time in my life, though, God did call me to STAY AT HOME through daycare. During that season of my life, He placed a desire to stay at home with my children, but help our family financially by providing in home day care for a few other families. It was a WONDERFUL time in my life with 7 preschoolers/babies running around my house. Looking back, I WAS homeschooling THEN! We did Christian lessons, art projects, and character training every day! I was always teaching them! And, that is one thing we must always remember as parents- we are our children's FIRST teachers and always the teacher in their lives with the most impact!

Over the years, living in Iowa, a very "pro-homeschool" state, I have had the opportunity to meet many homeschooling and duel-enrolling(part homeschool and part public school) families. I have many friends who homeschool. And, in the past 5 years, I have made many friends online who homeschool. Needless to say, I have been open to the call of it. But, I have always prayed that "God, if You truly want me to homeschool, then You must make that clear and work in Brian's heart as well." Brian has never been opposed, but has always had some reservations. I knew if we were to be a homeschooling family, then Brian would have to be "on board" 100%!

So why now?

God has given me such a DESIRE to do it! It really has been a CALL from Him, whispering, "now is the time." Our whole family is excited about it!

There are many "reasons", the biggest one that I want to control what my children are learning in school. Although I love our elementary school, I am very careful with curriculum. As a parent (and for all of you who have kids in public school, this is for YOU!), I was finding that I needed to be SO ON TOP OF what they were being exposed to, especially at the middle school. Thankfully, Andrew is very open and shared, so that we could discuss different issues. There were (are) many times I regret sending him to middle school. But, "God works all things together for good" (Romans 8:28) and He can redeem all things. What I will say, as a mom, I MUST BE IN PRAYER CONSTANTLY for Andrew. He is going on to public High School this year. But, I know going in that I have to be ENGAGED constantly in what he is learning- academically, socially, and spiritually! I have to do the spiritual warfare for him daily!

I am also homeschooling because I want to give my children a biblical education. I found that it was hard to find time to teach the bible and have quality bible study when they have gone to school for 7 hours and come home with homework (not to mention they need to play!). So, we will begin our school each day with Bible time. I am so excited about this! I am THRILLED to be able to pass to them my love for the Word! I know my excitement for this beautiful Love Letter will impact them and His Word will change them forever! Also, lots of the curriculum I am using uses scripture for things like spelling sentences and grammar. Cool!

I also want to give them a strong historical education. I want them to have the "big picture" of history, from ancient history until now and understand how we all fit in. I want them to know their Founding Fathers of this country and the sacrifices they made to establish this country. I want them to be SATURATED with the PRINCIPLES of the founding and the constitution. I know for a fact that schools are changing history by teaching partial history saturated with opinion. Being an avid history lover, I want the kids to have a true understanding of what the REAL history of our country is. One of the problems is that young teachers don't know this because they have been through a system that has indoctrinated them. Ashley had an AWESOME history teacher last year (5) who was also passionate about this. She supplemented her curriculum because the books no longer contain the accurate picture. But, what happens when these teachers begin to retire? I saw a real difference with Andrew's teacher who also taught "history." He was a young teacher......new to teaching. Thankfully, Andrew is also a avid history lover and is already knowledgeable on American History. There are so many politics in school and it is usually a liberal agenda. We as are conservative (no, NOT Republican- it is about PRINCIPLES and ideals not an "R" or a "D" at the end!) and want our children to be taught conservative/constitutional/biblical ideals.

So.....*deep breath* we are jumping in! I am so EXCITED!!!!!

Couple things.....I don't want anyone to feel guilty if they are NOT homeschooling!!!! I do NOT believe that you must stay home and homeschool to be a "good" Christian parent. I believe God will CALL you if that is His plan for your family!

And, if He has been tugging at your heart, but you feel scared, remember:

God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called!

Stay in prayer....He will help you!

Next week, I will be sharing more about my journey to homeschool....more the "WHY" and our curriculum with you! Come back, won't you?

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Stacey said...

Good for you! Don't let anybody discourage you! I wish I could homeschool my son.

MB said...


What a beautiful way to explain the "why" of homeschooling! You will and have been an amazing teacher for your children. I am so happy for you and your new journey! I too agree about being really on top of Andrew and high school. The creation/evolution thing is what bothers me the most. I feel they are only teaching evolution and NOT creation and I have witnessed several comments from Nolan regarding this as if he believes what they are teaching is right. Lots of talking through differing opinions will be needed and you will win that one:)

Thanks for sharing! I am new to reading blogs, so I hope to get better at navigating them!

Love you,

Tettelestai said...

thank you for this article!! i often find that i can't word my response correctly when asked "why do you homeschool?" i appreciate how thorogh you were and your honesty with why you had not done so before. i was pesonally terrified to homeschool my children at first, but now i love it!! and a whole bunch of props to an iowan!!! i wish i were in iowa right now, even with all the rain!!!! i miss it!

Kela said...

Hey Sweets! I'm PMing you! Look for it in your inbox (and spam...just in case it ends up there).

Big hugs and blessings!