Trust In Him!

We had an AWESOME time at Walt Disney World! (Check in tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday for all of the pics!)
The first night of the trip, however, I wasn't sure how it would be.
We ate a late buffet dinner with the characters Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger. We had a great time. The kids were having a ball being silly, reveling in Disney "magic". Andrew, 12, thought the oysters were especially funny and filled his plate with them. He was being silly, taking the oyster "meat" out of the shell, squishing it, putting it in Mom's face.....I kept telling him not to eat or touch it! I warned that he could get sick and repeatedly told him to put it down! (The one thing I forgot to tell him was to wash his hands- you know where I am going with this, don't you?) When he opened the last oyster, yellow gook exploded all over his plate. This was the last gross straw!
We didn't think much about the oyster- we watched "Wishes" an incredible fireworks presentation, shopped a little on Mainstreet, took our bus back to the resort and settled in for the night....until 3 A.M.
Andrew was deathly sick! He didn't even make it to the bathroom. He was sharing a room with Brian and I and the little kids were in the adjoining room. I sent Brian into the other room to sleep and "Mommy mode" kicked in as I got up with a sick Andrew about every 45 minutes. He was so sick! I had to call housekeeping to help clean up.
I was so worried- frantic! First, Andrew was violently throwing up every hour and I wondered if I should take him to the hospital. And, secondly, the thoughts of ruined vacation went through my mind as I pictured Ashley, Aly, Aaron, and Abigail all coming down with this virus. It was a restless night as I prayed for him, drifted off to sleep, awakened to him getting sick, prayed for him, drifted off to sleep....
I continued to talk to God through the night. I prayed that it wasn't a virus that would go through our whole family. I prayed that Andrew would be healed.
And, sometime during that long night, I released the situation to God, completely trusting Him. As I talked/prayed to Him, I reasoned that God had blessed us with this wonderful vacation and it was in His hands. I thought that God knows what is best for us and that He works all things together for our good. I knew that God was in control. And, even if (worst case scenario in my mind) we all spent the rest of the vacation puking, His plan was perfect and good. I kept telling God all through the night, "I trust You, God. I trust You."
I felt such PEACE!
Well, the next morning Andrew rested while the rest of the kids played on the white sand strips of beach outside our room (I think the beach was their favorite part of the vacation! It wasn't a swimming beach....a pretty beach with hammocks for relaxing next to the lake.) A wonderful waiter we met the day before asked Brian where Andrew and I were when Brian took the kids to breakfast. When he heard what happened, he sent up chamomile tea to help settle Andrew's stomach. (No coincidences!) By afternoon, Andrew felt fine and we were off to the parks!
Isn't it funny that this was the WFW post I made before the trip?

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Named Alicia said...

oh wow! I'm so glad he got better and it didn't ruin your trip. We had to take our son to the emergency room when we were at Disney once. We ended up being there for almost 5 hours. He was fine and we enjoyed the rest of our trip. Disney World is a magical place. Glad you guys had a great time!

Laurie Ann said...

I'm so sorry he was sick! Bless his heart! I've heard that if the oysters are not treated with something they can make you really sick! Glad it turned out well and that your trust in God saw you through. He is an awesome God, and His plans are always for our best, even when we don't understand the circumstances of them.