Thankful Thursday....lost and found.

Welcome to Thankful Thursday, a day to praise God and thank Him for all He has done in our lives! I have a GREAT story about a GREAT God that I want to share this week.

I was walking/driving home from school with the kids. Because we live SEVERAL blocks from the kids' school, I drive part of the way and then walk the remainder. It's too far for Abigail, so I bring the stroller for her to ride in.

Well, when we had reached the van and was packing up the stroller, three kids got my attention from across the street. They held up a black item and yelled over, "Do you know who this camera belongs too?"

As I squinted to get a better look, I realized it was MINE!

It had been in the stroller from a school activity the day before and I had forgotten all about it. It must have fallen out of the stroller when I had unpacked it and put Abigail in. I had not even noticed that it fell out!!!!!!

So, excitedly, I screamed, "Yes! It's mine!!!!!"

Oh......I was THANKING God! He had been looking out for ME! I wouldn't even known where to begin looking for the camera if/when I realized it was missing. The kids were so honest. I know it was God who prompted them to ask me. They didn't even know me! Oh, how GOOD our God is!

He is an "EVER-PRESENT HELP"! Please scroll down and read the next post that celebrates how God helps us in our times of trouble...

and please visit my very good friend Lynn for more THANKFULNESS!

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BoufMom9 said...

Yeah! What a blessing!
I can only imagine how distraught you would've been trying to find that had you retunred home and realized it was missing...

Happy TT!

Denise said...

Praise God.

LivingforGod said...

Our God is so awesome! He has worked out things like that for me, too. Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad you got your camera back.

Gracie said...

Even in the "small" stuff...Oh...He is great!
Wonderful story.I havent jsigned up yet for this Thursday event...I am just having a peek at blogs that are particapating in Thankful Thursdays,so I can see what it is all about,so far I like.
Many blessings to you

Debbie said...

He is our ever present help, even when we don't realize we need it. Great example to share Tracy!

Melissa said...

Amazing, definitely a God thing! God Bless!

Rita T. said...

Isn't God good?

Lynn said...

Oh Tracy,

This is a wonderful story. I am amazed often at small things like this and how our Great King watches our back.

I am also inspired that the kids found the camera and didn't keep it themselves.. There is hope for our world. Neat.

See you again next TT. Hugs, Lynn