I'm so glad to be back.....and over at Laced With Grace!

I am sooooooo excited to be back!

Thanks to all who emailed to make sure I was "OK"! I have a power cord and am able to use the computer! There were SO mani emails to read after 2 weeks.....

I am excited to be at Laced With Grace.....writing about heart makeovers!

In this age of makeovers and “extreme makeovers,” we are always looking for ways to transform ourselves. We are not satisfied with staying the same, but are searching for ways to improve. So many times this concentration is focused on our outward appearance......The transformation we will be concentrating on is a makeover of the heart.

What is a heart makeover? What does it mean to renew and rekindle your heart? What does it mean to have a complete transformation of the heart? To have a heart for God? If you are like me, I didn’t even realize I needed to change my heart! I thought, “My heart’s OK. I’m a good person. I love God.” But, over the years, I have had a total transformation of my heart......

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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Tracy,
I am anxious to read more about the heart makeovers.
Come by the potting shed later when you have time.