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Today I have a treat- Andrew is my "guest blogger." These are some of his thoughts he wrote last week (when he was supposed to be cleaning his room!) He is like his mother- anything to avoid cleaning! Well, his room did get done, but a week later, it needs to be cleaned again. But, God's Word is eternal! It stands forever!

"God's will is for everyone to go up to Heaven.
God loves you.
He suffered and was tortured for you. God loves you more than anything.
God's deeply in love with you.
God said, 'These people like me with their mouths, but their hearts do not know me.'
What God did is real. This is not a fairy tale.
Every birth is a miracle.
Miracles aren't just Jesus healing people or raising people. They're everyday stuff.
Pray with me- let God in your heart. Accept Jesus as your Savior and be blessed into the Kingdom of God.
Our life is like a second compared to eternity. Heaven is like Walt Disney World, except better, cooler, and you stay there forever and there's always new rides.
When God was on the cross, He put His arms out to say, 'I love you this much' to the whole world."

Proverbs says, "A wise son brings joy to his father." Andrew's ponderings brought me much joy! My prayer is that our children continue to grow strong in the Lord. Father God, I pray for Andrew, my children, and our future generation, that You would pour out Your wisdom on them. Lord, grow Your Word in them. Make them a mighty generation of warriors for You! Help them to make decisions according to Your will and Your Word. Fill them with such passion for You! Protect them and keep them. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.

Blessings upon you all!

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